Tomyris – The Queen of the Massagetae

Tomyris, the new commander is here! She will be released in the upcoming huge September update. Are you excited yet?

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Tomyris’s Skills


Arrow of Vengeance

Arrow of Vengeance

Active Deals direct damage (Damage Factor 700) to a single target.

If this target is affected by poison effect, immediately removes poison and deals poison damage (Dama Factor=Stacks x Poison Factor 20).

If the poison is multiplied by more than 10 stacks, increase poison damage (Damage Factor=Stacks x Poison Factor 20).



Passive When attacking cities, increases normal attack damage by 10% and decreases counterattack damage by 10%.
For the Sun

For the Sun

Passive Increases attack of archer units by 10%, and gives all attacks a 10% chance to decrease the defense of a single target by 10% for 3 seconds.
Massagetae's Counterattack

Massagetae’s Counterattack

Passive Gives all regular attacks a 50% chance to poison a single target for 5 seconds. (This effect can stack a maximum of 15 times, and the effect duration will be reset to 5 seconds each time a new stack is added.)

Poisoned targets will take an additional 3% damage from skill. 609

Pouch of Blood

Pouch of Blood

Expertise Skill Increases normal attack and counterattack damage by 10%. When attacked, reduces attack of the attacker’s cavalry units by 10%.

Best Tomyris Talent Tree Builds

Tomyris PvP Talent Build
Tomyris PvP Talent Build by Abused Panda
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