The Lost Kingdom Guide – How to Enter The Map + Best Tips

the lost kingdom event

The Lost Kingdom (KvK) Event

During this Event, every single individual, every single Alliance, and every Kingdom join in a war of 4 Kingdoms versus 4 Kingdoms and try to do the best to get all of the huge rewards provided.

  • Unlocks right around the Stage 3 of the Eve of the Crusade event, after the Light & Darkness Matchmaking phase ends.
  • Duration: 60 days
  • 2 groups of 4 Kingdoms will be able to participate in a map: Camp Solaria (Light) and Camp Lunaria (Dark)
  • Upon joining the event, players will spawn randomly in the Kingdom’s region on the map.

When do KvK seasons start?

The Lost Kingdom (KvK) starts around the 85-105 days for the kingdom, season 2 starts around 50 after the end season 1, and season 3 in another 2 months or so once season 2 ends. And so on.

How to Get Into The Lost Kingdom Map?

As soon as the KvK The Lost Kingdom begins, you will see a small “Sun & Moon” icon at the top right of the screen (screenshot).

KvK menu

This Light & Darkness menu allows you to teleport into The Lost Kingdom as well as allows you to check a number of things.

There will be a Teleport button showing up on the Light & Darkness menu. Once you tapped at the Teleport button, a confirmation window will show up, showing the region you are going to teleport to. At the beginning of the KvK Event, each Kingdom has a separate region to start.

The game now will automatically restart and you will respawn on a random location in your Kingdom’s region.

As mentioned above, the Event icon at the top right allows you to check out some very interesting stuffs regarding to the Event.

Teleport to the Lost Kingdom
Teleport to the Lost Kingdom

Honor Roll

The Honor Roll includes 3 categories:

  • Individual Ranking
  • Alliance Ranking
  • Kingdom Ranking

It shows up the top contributors in The Lost Kingdom, which have gained the most points by doing different activities as following:

ActivityHonor Points
Defeat Level 26-30 Barbarians5
Defeat Level 31-35 Barbarians8
Defeat Level 36-40 Barbarians10
Completing gathering at a resource point3
Destroy a Level 6 Barbarian Fort15
Destroy a Level 7 Barbarian Fort25
Destroy a Level 8 Barbarian Fort35
Destroy a Level 9 Barbarian Fort45
Destroy a Level 10 Barbarian Fort60

individual honor roll ranking
Individual Honor Ranking

Individual Ranking

This shows up the top individual contributors of The Lost Kingdom.

Additionally, players can do the continual occupation of an ancient ruins or altar of darkness to gain the Honor Points.

the lost kingdom alliance ranking
Alliance Ranking in The Lost Kingdom

Alliance Ranking

This shows up the top Alliances of The Lost Kingdom. Get into the top 50 to get a lot of excellent rewards from the Event!

Additionally, Alliances can do these activities to gain more of the Honor Points:

  • The first occupation of a holy site.
  • Continual occupation of a holy site or pass.
  • Continual occupation of ancient ruins or altar of darkness.
top kingdoms the lost kingdom
Top Kingdoms

Kingdom Ranking

This shows up the top Kingdoms in The Lost Kingdom map. Get into the top 8 to get a lot of excellent rewards from the Event!

the lost kingdom achievements
The Lost Kingdom Achievements

Crusader Achievements

This is where players, Alliances and even the whole Kingdom can earn crazy rewards by getting some of the achievements in The Lost Kingdom map!

Twilight - The Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Twilight – The Lost Kingdom Chronicles

Twilight is very similar to the Monument you could find in any city. It gives you a rough idea of the current state of the Event.

You could also gain some great rewards here, as well as know what events are coming in the near future.

Past Glory

Past Glory is a multiple-stage event, which is only available inside The Lost Kingdom! During all three stages, players need to donate different stuffs in order to get the Building Points and tons of rewards.

  • Stage 1: Donating resources FoodWoodStoneGold
  • Stage 2: Killing Barbarians / Barbarian Forts
  • Stage 3: Donating Commander Sculptures

Check out The Past Glory article for all information regarding to this super crazy events!

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