How to Spend Gems Efficiently

Undoubtedly Gem Gems is the most valuable resource in Rise of Kingdoms.

There are lots of ways to earn Gem Gems in the game: By doing events, completing quests, farming Barbarians/Forts, opening Alliance Chests, buying bundles etc.

Due to tons of value Gem Gems offer and due to the rarity of this currency, understanding the best ways to spend Gem Gems effectively and efficiently is super important for all new players.

rise of kingdoms gems

It’s Best to Spend Your Gems On

  1. VIP 6
  2. 8 hour speedups – 20 of them each week from (VIP-8 shop)
  3. Wheel for fortune to get Richard I
  4. VIP 10
  5. Wheel of Fortune to get YSG + Khan
  6. Book of Covenant Book of Covenants (It’s a waste unless you’re a mod tier spender/hard grinder)
  7. VIP-12 (Mid spender/ hard grinder)

How to Spend Gems Effectively

After VIP 6, you only want to spend your Gem Gems during the More Than Gems event!

  • Buying VIP Points: The higher VIP ranks you are, the more perks and benefits your City receives. Try to get to at least VIP lvl. 6 before spending your Gem Gems on anything else. Only buy enough VIP points to get to the new level, no more. The extra Gem Gems can be more useful for other things.

    vip level 6 rise of kingdoms
    Benefits of VIP Lvl. 6
  • Buying Items from the Courier Station – Buy all of the items that do not require Gem Gems right away. Buy the Speedups which are discounted at 60-70%. Do not buy the Teleports as you can easily get it from the Alliance Store.

    mysterious merchant boutique
    Things you want to buy from the Mysterious Merchant
  • Do not use Gem Gems to directly buy arrow of resistance Arrows of Resistances or Book of Covenant Book of Covenants: It will cost you tons of Gem Gems and it is totally not worth it. Better to spend Gem Gems on buying Action Point Action Points for farming Barbarians and Forts.
  • Do not use Gem Gems to finish upgrading/researching immediately. Just don’t.

Credits: Abused Panda

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