Quick Resource Management Guide for New Players

Managing resources is always one of the hardest part of not only Rise of Kingdoms but also all other games.

Earning/Gathering resources is very hard, but using them the right way is even a lot harder!

In this guide, let’s talk about some of the best ways to manage your resources in the game.

This guide is exclusively made for new players. More advanced tips for experienced players will be published soon!

resource management guide for rise of civilizations

Resource Management Guide for New Players

Save Your Resource Items!

  • Resource Packages and Resource Chests.
  • Individual resource items: Food, Wood, Stone and Gold.

It is because you can use them when really needed (normally in War events) and you do not lose any of them If your city gets attacked. If you don’t have any resource item in your inventory, you will not have a chance to farm or heal during the War period. Use the backup resources to heal and train troops.

This is also why you should always purchase the resource items in the Courier Shop. You will get the resources with discounted prices and be able to move them from your storage to your inventory.

resource items rise of civilizations
Always save your resource items!

Max Out Your Gathering (Farming) Speed

  • Purchase the Enhanced Gathering Speed Items from the Courier Shop or other shops. The Courier Shop always gives you the discounted price.
  • Gather the runes that boost your gathering speed.

Combining these two, your gathering speed will get significantly boosted. Also, remember that being VIP also gives you the gathering buffs (+20% at VIP level 11).

If you gather the Gathering Speed runes while also have commanders gathering resources, the gathering speed will also get increased immediately, shortening the gathering time accordingly.

courier station

Farming Barbarians and Forts

These two activities in Rise of Kingdoms give out the most potential loots, even a lot more efficient than farming resources (loots per minute).

If term of resource gained, farming Barbarians is a lot more efficient than farming Barbarian Forts. You should only focus on farming Forts if you want to get more Book of Covenant Book of Covenants or want to get rewards in defeating Fort events.

Completing Daily Objectives (Quests)

Always finish the daily quests to get these rewards!

Activity PointsRewards
20 Activity Point

Training Speedup Training Speedup (5m) x5
Food 30,000
Wood 30,000
Stone 22,500
Gold 3,000

40 Activity Point

Building Speedup Building Speedup (5m) x5
Food 60,000
Wood 60,000
Stone 45,000
Gold 6,000

60 Activity Point

Silver Key Silver Key x1
Research Speedup Research Speedup (5m) x8
Action Point Basic Action Point Recovery (100 AP) x1
Tome of Knowledge level 1 Lv.1 Tome of Knowledge (100 EXP) x40
Brand New Starlight Sculpture Brand-new Starlight Sculpture x2

80 Activity Point

Universal Speedup Universal Speedup (5m) x16
Food 120,000
Wood 120,000
Stone 90,000
Gold 12,000

100 Activity Point

Gem Gem x100
Golden Key Golden Key x1
Magic Box Magic Box x1
Epic Commander Sculpture Epic Commander Sculpture x3

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