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Recruiting for Kingdom 1866


Our kingdom is about 49 days old. We are the 2nd strongest alliance in this kingdom lead by me. I am new to these forums and looking to add friendly, fun, and dedicated players. Please respond if your interested.

A few notes:

  1. My user name is game is Gt4everXD
  2. My current power is 29,149,591 and I am the leader. I have experience in KvK in my first account.
  3. We are mainly English speaking alliance
  4. Our alliance name was UL1 and now is UL66
  5. Very Peacefull kingdom and growing for KvK

Power Requirement: 5.0M+(a.k.a 5,000,000+)

Allies: H166, HO66

Family: ALL alliances that start with UL

Thank you for your consideration!