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Midas #1109 Recruitment Drive

Midas is our Kingdom, a united Kingdom, and we can be found at #1109.

We have 6 really active Alliances:
NECR – 2.4B
VV! – 1.5B
Z#G – 1.4B
NeXG – 765k
T-AF – 366K

We are looking for individuals and whole Alliances - Size doesn’t matter except our cap is 35 million.
Individuals who join us will be welcomed as family.
Whole Alliances will be allocated land they can call their own, this will include holy sites!

Our Kingdom does have rules, simple rules that ensures a fair and fun Kingdom.
We also share titles and encourage growth actively posting tips and providing advice.
Alliances are also filled with players throughout the world ensuring we have activity 24/7.

KvK isn’t far away either, so a great time to jump on board!

Need more info? Have any Q’s?
I can be found in game  #1109 NECR Clan  R4

See you soon!

1109. Midas is still recruiting


contact mozzie for further details


if u want to grow MIDAS is the place


see u soon


Ruff Max-Cady