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Looking for a new kingdom home



I have a bunch of great players ranging from 10-60m all experienced and active.  We respect everyone and always go the route that meets everyone's needs.  We care about equality no matter the power.  Active on titles, events and Kvk.  Would love fair rules on MGE as well.

Please let me know if you have a home for us.  Comment below with what you offer and your kingdom.


Hi shodai, about how many people do you have wanting to migrate? Depending on the number, we might have a spot.

Possibly around 15-20,  what server?

My rok account name is DandelionFury...would you be interested in getting more info there?

Hi 821N in kingdom 1821 (tyonek) are actively searching for powerful members like your selves please contact me if you are still looking and want to know more, hopefully we have what your looking for.



@simcity86 hey bro feel free to check my forum , We are powerful basically overwhelmed in KvK 1

Hey come join us in 1294

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Hi there

You might join our kingdom and one of our alliances which is preparing for KvK3

If you are interested ,please contact me and we can work out 🙂



Hey check my alliance out in 1294.... I can offer u an R4 spot if you and your guys join us... we are currently rebuilding the kingdom after a whale and bad king destroyed things here... would be great to have you with us... message me in game 1294 94DG Hela 🙂

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The whales and bad king have migrated out