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Kingdom 1225 recruiting

Hello guys ☺️ K1225 is currently recruiting active players with a good heart ❤️ We are currently top 32 kingdom but we will most likely drop our imperium status after the update (December 10, 2019). Don’t miss out on this terrific opportunity and join us before our kingdom is locked up again! We will have so much fun together during kvk 😈 As a kingdom we are:

-One United Kingdom, we grow together and help each other🙌🏻!

-City hitting and farmer hitting are prohibited 🚫 even during KE 🙅🏻‍♀️ Friendly duels are allowed 👌🏻

-Experienced leadership both in wars and diplomacy, successfully finished 2 Kvks, summoned Charlemagne and Wu

-24/7 title givers 👑

-2 solid Ark teams to prepare for AoO league ⚔️⚔️

-Everyday kingdom buffs by our 🐳 king Dragothien

If you are interested in, please message Majesty Castiel or Mrs Om Nom in game or discord for more information! Thanks for reading and you have a wonderful day 🌹

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