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[K1264][BK64][20m or more] join Better Days and Knights!

Better Days and Knights Alliance is Recruiting!

Our Alliance has been together as a family for a while. We fight wars together and win together.

Our kingdom has 6 major alliances that all share the Kings throne and rotate the Lost Temple each week.

Diplomacy within our kingdom is consistent and drama free. Although we do like to pester and poke fun at eachother.

It's all fun and games until its war. We are here to have fun and enjoy fighting other kingdoms.

We are looking for fun, active and blood thirsty players to join with us in war and prosperity!

We have stable and smart  leadership group who all share r4 and r5 leadership responsibilities together.

We have powerful whales who take pride in helping the members grow and fight.

Ask about our discord if interested in joining.

Don't forget to tell BK64 "LightEyes" sent you.

Referrals gain entry priority.


#1 in KvK season 1

Join and help us be victorious in our next KvK!