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K1095 is recruiting active players

K1095 is recruiting active players of all power ranges. We are accepting individuals, groups, and alliances. Shell alliances are available for large group of migrants.
If you want a place where you can settle down and enjoy the game with friendly people, then please consider joining us. K1095 is a peaceful place with no drama and no trash talk, not even to our opponents.
Our kvk goal is unblocking the new commander and get as many rewards as possible. However, our first goal is bringing all players home safely. We won't let anyone quit because of kvk. Win or lose, we never leave this kingdom. Win or lose, we never leave anybody behind.
K1095 is our home. We are looking forward to your joining. Make our home better together!
More information, please contact our recruiters from 95LH in game: Ezbz and AMoroccanGuy