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F~R Fire rose Clan from #1364 is looking for you!

Hello and Welcome!

We are the Fire Rose Clan wich migrated to server #1364 around 2 weeks ago. With a united Kingdom and a fair base we are looking to grow and get stronger together for the Second KvK!
At the moment we are #2 Alliance with 2bil power (No1 got 2.2bil) but gonna hit first place within the next 2 weeks ;D!

Therefor we are looking for new Party people to join this crazy squad!
-You are looking for a fun alliance wich is active and strong to join?
-You want a fair Kingdom with equal powered people to participate in events?
-You are friendly, active, loyal and Helpfull?
-Your power is between 15 and 35mil?

If you are Interested or have any questions feel free to contact me here or in game! (server #1364 F~R clan -> R5)

~with much love -MAD RHINO-