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Crew recruitment

Hello everyone,

We are a crew of 5-10 ppl, all fighters and active. Our power is 40-70mil /player.

We are  looking for new server to migrate, between kvk 1 and 2.

The kingdom has to be active!!

Send me any request here or pm.

Players info can be send at the game or discord.



well we are about to start pre kvk 3 we are kingdom 1537

Kingdom 1821 is currently in KvK we are actively seeking members to help us get ready to go into the lost Kingdom you can find me in game on SimCity86.



i'm from Kingdom 1702, we are recruiting more members to help out in the upcoming Kvk2. Feel free to pm me in game @haizstuff, noobienations alliance

The frame of mind that you have right now is good, and you should have this frame of mind when you do the help writing a lab report, as well. If you change your frame of mind, then you will have difficulteis understanding some things.

Nicht selten finden erfolgreiche Geschäfte mit Anlageimmobilien „over the counter“, also außerhalb des öffentlichen Marktes statt.

Hello Zenon! In kd 1781, Dukes of Kaikoura we are heading to our kvk2, we did a very good job in kvk1, i need to let you know the top10 for mge is locked for players who fought hard and in frontlines in kvk1, if you guys are interested i would be so happy to solve any questions you have. We are top4 alliance who will be fighting in kvk2. Thanks a lot mate!!.

Aleren YiMh #1781 X:576 Y:540

Here are my coords in case you want to contact me

E1 steht für einen Zusammenschluss verschiedener Immobilienbüros, die sich über das gesamte Bundesgebiet verteilen. Alle sind über eine Lizenz und als eine Marke miteinander verbunden.

It's been 5 months and I am searching for a place to construct Concrete finishing labourand more important stuffs are needed by me to see around, I hope to make things perfectly fine and make this project in jiffy so I can be the owner or should I say a millionaire, hope to see some someone here can help me?