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Alliance Recruitment

Hello everyone, Young Mages!

We are the Wizards of Oz, we reside in the kingdom 1537, it is renewed after KVK 2 and we intend to become the best alliance of the kingdom !!

We are in zone 3 with a presence at the Lost Temple sharing it with 3 other alliances with whom we get along very well and are more than determined to make an excellent KVK 3.

Our alliance sits on the Council.

We advocate sociability, combat, activity and mutual aid at all points!

Our Osiris are religiously prepared, with defeat not an option, those who can are on vocal Discord to easily interact and coordinate.

We recruit as many English speakers as internationals in order to have constant activity in several time zones.

R4 places are to be taken for the most involved among you!

Currently, we represent in the alliance a hard core of players who on their own, manage to stand out in all the kingdom. We want to enlarge this core.

If you are looking for an organized alliance, in which much remains to be done, if you want to count in an alliance and evolve with it ... then welcome to the Wizards of Oz!

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