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Alliance Leader Looking for New Alliance/Kingdom

I'm currently a small Alliance Leader (I inherited it) for about 8 months, & R4 for over 1 yr in different alliance.
I have 2 accounts (main) 24m, 2nd 13m, must be willing to accept both accts.
I'm looking for a medium sized alliance with growth potential, that participates in events, but not high pressure.
Let me know if interested

Hey, I’m interested can we talk somewhere privately?

Hi how are you? I saw your message on here. We'd love to discuss the possibility of you joining us in KD 1152. My alliance is always looking for new active members. If your interested let me know and we could talk either in-game or on Discord?

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Hey we are a top ranked imperium kingdom. We would love you have a smaller active alliance join us and grow. We are undefeated in kvk so tons of free rewards to help for you future t5 push. Please message me in game. My governor id is below. Thanks

Hi there.
Did you find yourself a home? If not, we would love to have you in the Kingdom of Ammon, 1141. Our alliance, 141M is smaller but we are a mighty group of fun loving active players. We fight hard and die hard. My tag is Hyrule1329...give me a holler if your still searching.

Hey Jerry

just saw your post - more than happy to chat about our alliance nw in 1062 _ we are social and committed to helping all members grow. Reach out to me if you are keen to come across or if you have any questions. Vordex