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[#1865][CN_W][4M] Warbears - International Alliance

Hello everyone,

we are searching new members! Our kingdom will have his first kvk soon. As most of the players already are in an alliance and new players are very rare, I want to use this forum to find new members. We are mainly english / german speaking and a very cool community itself. Would be a pleasure to welcome active and smart players!

A few notes:

  1. My user name is game is CliKKBäR
  2. My current power is 20,645,000 (currently no. 6 on the whole server) and I am R4. I have experience in KvK in my first account.
  3. We are mainly English / German speaking alliance
  4. Our alliance name is CN_W, but we are part of the Omy-family which is no.1 on the server.
  5. Very Peacefull kingdom and growing for KvK
  6. Our kingdom is about 52 days old.

Power Requirement: 4.0M+(a.k.a 4,000,000+)

Thank you for your consideration!

Best regards,