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[#1753][1A53/AO53][15M/10M] Come join us the most organised and powerful new KD (Kvk1 winner)

Hi All ,

Greetings from KD 1753, we are currently in KvK1 ( only 9 days left ) . Also we basically overwhelmed in power and number whole KvK .. and we are winning this KvK1 without any trouble..

So I want to invite you to join our alliance (1A53 )there for KvK2.

If you want to migrate as whole alliance.  We have shell alliance ready with some superb research ( as it is 6th/7th powerful alliance there ). We are ready to share leadership in shell alliance.

English speaking alliance and members will be given preference event hough we are multilingual.

Pls let me know if you are interested. We will discuss further