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[#1398][TG][35m] kingdom 1398 Top Guild international alliance


Shout out from kingdom 1398 TG alliance.
TG- 1398 main alliance in 1398, full tec, gift lvl 27, dozen of big spenders, at least one alliance gift chest per day.

season1,2,3 kvk winner.

season 2 kvk TG finish as First place in alliance rank/First place in kingdom rank.

season 3 kvk TG finish as third place in alliance rank/ second place in kingdom rank.

We are speaking English/French/Russian/Chinese/Turkish.

WE are friendly a international alliance comprised of experienced and active player. We are currently looking for more player to join us. Our goal is keep WINNING the KVK, develop the kingdom , Create a good ARK team to attempt the Osiris Leg and MOST IMPORTANTLY we can have fun together.

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