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[#1384][44K][1B] 44KINGS - International Alliance

Hello everyone,

My name is KEJOOW, leader of 44KINGS (1 bilion power - top 4 alliance - international). We are looking for active player for our second KvK, the first one will finish in 2 weeks.
The server is in peace, and totaly united. We are in the top 4 alliance, we take every decision with other top teams. The LT is shared week by week with all top 4 alliance. Titles are given 24/7.
We have multiple player with T5, and we will be totally involved in the next KVK.
The next wheel will be for the first time Gengis Khan in 2 weeks.
If you guys are looking for playing in an active alliance, international, and involve in the game. Don't hesitate to contact me.

My discord is juster#6707 (KEJOOW ingame)

See you