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[#1362][CroW][13m or more] Last Crows ~ Recruiting!


I’m representing CroW, we’re currently moving to 1362, we had 1.8 billion power we will have as much power or more power than that when we’re done moving, our kingdom is f2p friendly with only a few t5 with active t4 players

Our alliance has gone through alot and we kept on surviving, we’re sure that we’re gonna be succesful in our new kingdom with zone 3 acces with a z1 completely for ourselves. We have one full set of alters and 3 full sets of sanctums and 1 shrine for now but that number will probably go up in the near future.

We have a 16 winstreak in ark.

But the most important thing is that we’re a bunch of chill people that enjoys working as a team and having eachothers back

If you’re interested add me on discord Cem27#7042