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[#1285] Looking for people to join our great kingdom.


We are recruiting people for KvK s2.

All power levels are welcomed, we will find a place for everyone.

For higher power level player we have spots in our 4main alliances, one is over 3.5bil and 3others are in the 2.5bil range at the moment. Shrines and altars are divided between them.


We have united kingdom with a council making decisions by voting.

Titles are given 24/7.

We are a international kingdom in which English is the main spoken language.

They kingdom is full of fun people. Come join us to win season2.

For more info write to me on Discord, Reddit or in game, username everywhere is: MasterPukk


Hi! When will kvk s2 open for you?

Should be somewhere in October. Don't know the exact time yet, but there should be some weeks of prep time still remaining🙂.