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[#1279][LFaM][50M] Kingdom 1279 Recruiting

Kingdom 1279 recruiting after our kvk 2 ends in 20 days. Contact on discord Hochmah#3428 for more info 🙂

More about LFaM
- Rank 1 (6.9B)
- Fully Max Tech
- Max Holy Sites.
- 40+ T5s in LFaM
- Gift level 26
- 15-3 In ARK
- We have active discord for LFaM.
More about our Kingdom
- Fully united for 8 months
- 4 Main alliances rotating Temple
- Kill event rules
- City hitting is forbidden.
- Daily Kingdom buff according to rune drops/Events
- Titles group available 24/7
- Active Guardians Time. Anyone can join killing guardians.
- Active Leadership, R4 and Leaders in council chat.
- Discord Channel available for whole Kingdom
We are in LK#135 Kvk ends in 20 days. Migration will be open after it!
If you are interested in coming contact me In game. ItsHochmah R4 of LFaM