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[1276] [JD76] [20mil] Joker’s Drunken Unicorns - International alliance

Join Our Awesome Alliance!

We are Joker’s Drunken Unicorns, an international alliance full of jokers, unicorns, and joker unicorns.

Looking for individuals or groups who want to migrate! Active and ready to fight? Want earliest access to the Lost Kingdom when KVK comes around? Enjoy access and territory in Z3?

Check us out:

~ We are a main alliance for KVK (top 3).

~ Our tech is strong!

~ We govern and have rights to almost 1/4 of the kingdom, including a significant section of Zone 3.

~ We are primarily English-speaking but do not judge use of other languages.

~ We are a friendly, supportive, non-toxic, and honestly pretty good looking group of players who just want to have fun.

Requirements: Be active, ready to fight, at least 20mil power, and a good sport. No whiners, bigots, or humorless sods, please. Contact any officer for more information.