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[#1115][~EXG][15M]Exiled Gods - very active and experienced alliance recruiting players for KvK S3

~EXG (Exiled Gods) Alliance of Kingdom 1115 is recruiting players!

  • We are extremely active, we work tirelessly and fight to death, yet our alliance has a very special, laid back and friendly atmosphere.
  • We have a good mix of P2P and F2P players, some of our players power is as high as 80M+.
  • Most of our members are fluent in English.
  • We have no place for drama or bullshit and cooperate constructively with other alliances.
  • We are well versed in the art of war and diplomacy.
  • We help each other grow by providing useful information and sharing resources.
  • We have maxed out Alliance Tech, Gift Level 18, land in Zone 3, all Sanctums and Altars and Shrine of War.
  • We are on Lost Temple rotation and Kingdom Council.