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[#1115] Looking for good Players or Alliances

You looking for a new kingdom ?

Marino #1115 is what you need !


Hello dear RoK fans,

Are you looking for a new kingdom with yours friends ?

A kingdom that has many friendly, active players from all countries ?

Then I would like to introduce you to our kingdom !


That’s us

We are a kingdom with many active players, and we really have pretty good fighters. Very playful and ambitious. The whole kingdom works together as a unit and acts as one big family.

We are looking for active players willing to build a great kingdom and rock all next KvK with us.


We offer you:

  1. Titles 21/7
  2. Daily kingdom buffs
  3. LY sharing
  4. Daily LT guards
  5. Lovely atmosphere
  6. A lot more <3


If you decide to join us

We can offer to join an alliance with high gifts lvl and almost complete techs. Our alliances also has access to z3.


Are you interested to join ?

Then write a quick reply to this topic to get more informations / send me a message in game: br0keNIZER / send me a mail: