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[#1045]K1045 is looking for active players/alliances

Hello everyone,


K1045 KvK Season 3 starts in 1 month and we are recruiting active players of all sizes. 

Individual, groups or complete alliances are welcome.


For players of higher power levels, we have places in our 3 main alliances (Kingship rotation, sanctuaries are divided among them).

*NeO (4.4B, international)

*AuR (4.1B, French)

*DHE (2.5B, international)


For smaller players,there are different alliances with experienced members who can help you grow and achieve your goals, feel free to apply!



If you are a full alliance, we can offer you an alliance with full technologies and access to zone 3.


*2.5B power

*Active and experienced alliance




Join us to win season 3!


We also have other free alliances for alliances with less than 2.5B power.


For more information, please contact our recruiters from AuR: HeRO 复仇者 & Coyote fr, discord: HeRO 复仇者#4242 & LeCoyote13#7745