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10 hours and counting down......

Kingdom 1287 KvK season 2 starts in 10 hours, Last chance to join us before Kingdom is locked for migration.

  • United Kingdom
  • Kingship rotation
  • 24/7 titles
  • Balanced Kingdom
  • Daily Kingdom Buffs

Join our Alliance 287W PHANTOM WOLVES, we are super active fighting clan and we want you to join us. We bid Individual players or teams welcome to join us.  We just migrated to this Kingdom and with only 80 player we are at 2B power ranking#6 in the Kingdom. WE have 2 T5 players on the team and more to come soon.

May of us buy bundles daily, which means daily gifts for you.

Join a winning fighting team and let us kick some @ss this KvK.

Requirements to join are: Individual players +25mil power. for teams we can make exceptions for some players below 25m as long as team power is balanced out.

We welcome f2p and p2w players.

Hurry kingdom will lock for migration in 10 hours, it is now or never.

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