Best Guide to Mini/Farming Accounts

Almost all players in Rise of Kingdoms have at least a mini (farming) account in order to help the main account grow up a lot faster. Unless you are super rich, you will want to have a mini farming account.

This guide is for you, new players!

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The main purpose of the mini account is farming resources for your main account. Also, having 2 accounts allows you to run a small rally for farming purposes with ease.

Managing a mini account actually doesn’t cost too much time since it will be farming most of the time. You just need to spend a little more time every day to double your resource farming speed, or even more.

In this article, I am going to give you some of the best tips for maximizing your farming speed!

Creating Mini Account

Creating Mini Account Using Game Center or Google Account

You can actually create another account in the same kingdom with the game account you are playing. However, in order to minimize the risk of losing both accounts, it’s better to create another account using the new Game Center/Google Account.

If you are playing the game on mobile/tablet, it’s better to use a separate device for the farming account.

However, If you play Rise of Kingdoms on PC, you can actually play multiple accounts at once without having to switch between them a lot.

Best Cilivzation for Farming Account

  1. France: If you have a lot of time for farming, France is your best choice. France helps you farm wood a lot faster and allows you to increase the hospital healing speed by a lot. Also, you will get Joan of Arc, one of the most versatile commanders for farming Barbarians and resources.
  2. Rome: Rome increases your moving speed and food farming speed. If you are in need of food, this is the definitely best choice for you.
  3. Japan: All resource farming speed + 5%, this is something pretty nice. However, it’s recommended to use Japan only when you want to farm Gold since it’s the only civilization that increases your Gold farming speed.
  4. Byzantium: Best for farming Stone
  5. Spain: Increases the resource production speed. Pick Spain if you don’t have too much time for farming manually.

Manage and Maintain the Mini Account

What is the ideal City Hall level?

Depending on your goals and the time you can spend for the game, the level of your mini accounts could be different.

If you don’t have too much time for the mini account, get it to city hall level 11 as fast as possible because from CH level 11, you have 3 dispatches available, increasing your farming speed by a lot. Getting to CH level 11 doesn’t require too much work also.

  • City Hall level 11: 3 dispatches
  • City Hall level 17: 4 dispatches
  • City Hall level 22: 5 dispatches

What should I upgrade first?

  • Upgrade to City Hall level 11.
  • Get to VIP level 6 as fast as possible. It gives you lots of more capacity as well as farming speed. Just spend all of the Gems you have on buying VIP Points.
  • Resource production buildings: Gold, Wood, Stone and Gold. These will give you lots of passive income in the long term. Upgrade them as much as you can.
  • Trading Post: When you send the resources to your main account via the Trading Post, you will have to pay for some fee. The higher level your Trading Post is, the less fee you have to pay. Upgrade it as high as you can.
  • Storage: Helps you keep the resources. If your city gets raided, you will also lose fewer resources. Upgrade it.
  • Hospital: Upgrade your Hospitals so that you don’t have to train a lot of troops afterwards, helping you save a lot of resources in the long term.
  • Researching Technology: For farming faster, of course.
  • Farming Commanders: Max out all of your farming commanders as fast as possible. Constance is the first one you want to focus on. She is awesome.

Prevent From Being Raided

  • Use Sun Tzu + Kusunoki to defend. They are very cheap, easy to obtain and good at defending.
  • Join a huge alliance and stay close with your alliance members.

Have fun with the mini farming account. Hopefully you will grow much stronger after reading this guide!

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