Light and Darkness Guide

During the Rise of Kingdoms Light and Darkness event, your kingdom joins with another 7 Kingdoms in a 4-versus-4 matchup, in a new separate map.

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Light and Darkness Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms Light & Darkness Basics

If you first see the Light and Darkness event appearing in your Kingdom, it means that your Kingdom has just entered one of the huge parts of Rise of Kingdoms, where your Kingdom joins with other Kingdoms into a huge server-cross war, which is usually called KvK (Kingdoms Vs. Kingdoms).

You can easily access to the Light & Darkness main menu via the event icon located at the top right of the screen. This is when the Lost Kingdom is unlocked, you will see a Teleport button available right on this menu, allowing you to teleport the Lost Kingdom map.

  • All participating Kingdoms will be assigned randomly into either Camp Solaria or Camp Lunaria. This assignment configuration cannot be changed for the remainder of this event. Each camp is consisting of four different Kingdoms, which you will be choosing in the pairing period of the pre-KvK. This is where you’re gonna choose your allies. The most important thing for you to do to win is to choose allies that you can trust! Allies that you know their capabilities their activities.
  • Governors in Camp Solaria receive a buff during the day — Solar Glory. Governors in Camp Lunaria receive a buff during the night — Lunar Glory. Inside the Lost Kingdom, each day lasts for 24 hours and each night lasts for 24 hours.
  • Twilight: This one is similar to the Monument building in your city, showing the Milestones of the Kingdoms such as:
  • Grace of Soluna: While participating in the KvK Light and Darkness you will be awarded some special coins. Players donate those coins into the Grace of Soluna to increase the Technology of their side (camp). This one works similar to the Alliance’s Technology.
  • Past GloryWhere you can see all events available during the KvK. Participate in these events to obtain a lot of crazy rewards for yourself, your Alliance, your Kingdom, and your Camp.
  • Honor Roll: Shows the best Governors, Alliances, and Kingdoms in KvK. Defeat Barbarians, Forts, or farm resources to increase the points.
  • Crusader: This is basically the “Achievement system” of KvK. There are various quests here and great rewards for you, such as: Defeat a number of Barbarians, get a certain amount of Individual Points, Kill a certain amount of enemies, etc.

Light and Darkness Rules

  • Aside from the Holy City in the center, all Holy Sites, Crusader Camps, and Crusader Fortresses can be destroyed by the enemy camp, and these structures cannot be rebuilt once destroyed. Destroying an enemy structure will award 1 Point.
  • At the end of the event, the camp with the most points will be declared the winner. If both camps have an equal number of Points, then there will be no winner and both camps will be considered as defeated.
  • Alliance Fortresses cannot be built inside the Province in the center. Alliance Flags and Alliance Fortresses cannot be built inside a Province that has an Ancient Ruins or an Altar of Darkness in it.
  • A Territorial Teleport or a Targeted Teleport can only teleport to a territory that belongs to your alliance, or to a territory of an alliance that is from the same Kingdom as your alliance.
  • A City cannot be attacked if it belongs to an alliance territory that had already taken effect.
  • Camp Solaria and Camp Lunaria can upgrade their Camp Technology via the “Grace of Soluna” panel. These research effects will grant useful boosts to all Governors within the same allied camp.
  • Pre KvK it’s pretty much the same as before. The only difference is now you are able to trade our parchments with the alliance members. So that you can use all of them, it is going to be more efficient and beneficial.
  • You’re not allowed to build inside Ruins & Altar section, and you’re not allowed to teleport inside even with random teleport. You can only bring one army inside to reduce the lag.
  • Use the Coins you earned in the Camp Technologies in Grace of Saloon section. You’re gonna use your coins to donate to the camp technology, much like your Alliance technology. It also gives you Individual Honor Points. Like in Alliance technologies, these donations can get critical (both technology points and Individual Honor Points).

Light and Darkness KvK “Matchmaking Timeline” System

  1. The full process is about 15 days long, afterward Eve of the Crusade is 9 days and lastly, the KvK itself is about 42 days long.
  2. After the teaming up phase begins, Kingdoms can team up with each other. Each team can hold a maximum of 4 Kingdoms.
  3. A King can either choose to create their own team or join a team that has already been created.
  4. Each Kingdom will be categorized into one of four types: Type A, B, C, or D. Only Kingdoms that match a team’s required types are able to apply for that team.
  5. Before the teaming up phase ends, a King can choose to switch teams as they see fit, or even create a team of their own.
List of all Kingdoms
List of all Kingdoms
List of all KvK Teams (Camps)
List of all KvK Teams (Camps)
create your own kvk team
You can also create your own KvK Team


  • A sudden random countdown typically 12-14 hour long
  • 3 days of the countdown before you get to pick allies.
  • 5 days to pick allies ranging from the ABCD group.
  • 3 more days to find a match.
  • 4 more days before afterward and Pre-KvK begins.

The Stages Light Versus Darkness?

This event is pretty much like the Mightiest Governor Event. More details at Past Glory Event

  • Stage 1: Resource Gathering
  • Stage 2: Seize the Moment (Speedups)
  • Stage 3: Barbarian Fort
  • Stage 4: Troop Training
  • Stage 5: Fight for Glory (Kill Event)

How long is each stage of Past Glory?

Stages: WaitingPlayable Event
Stage 1: Instant4 day long
Stage 2: 3 days2 day long
Stage 3: 3 days4 day long
Stage 4: 3 days?? day long
Stage 5: 5 days3 day long

Rewards Include:

RankWinning SideLosing Side
1160x100 Token80x100 Token
2140x100 Token70x100 Token
3120x100 Token60x100 Token
4-1080x100 Token40x100 Token
11-2050x100 Token25x100 Token
501-10002x100 Token1x10020 Token
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