How To Immigrate To A New Kingdom Anytime! (Updated)

passport page rise of kingdomsHey guys,

In the previous guide, we showed governors how to move to a new Kingdom using the Beginner Teleport but your account has to be under level 9.

However, the new huge update now allows governors to change your Kingdom anytime using the item called the Passport Page Passport Page.

How to get the Passport Page?

  1. To buy in the Alliance’s Shop using 600,000 Individual Alliance Credits Individual Alliance Credits. It takes 100,000 Alliance Credits Alliance Credits to restock the Passport Page Passport Page.
    alliance inventory
  2. To get it from some Value Bundles such as the New World bundle:
    new world bundle

How to Immigrate to the New Kingdom Using the Passport Page?

Once you’ve had the Passport Page Passport Paper, zoom out the map till you see the Globe icon at the bottom left, tap on it and browse to the Kingdom you want to immigrate to.

immigrate kingdom step 1

Ensure the Status of the new Kingdom is Developed, your Power is under the Immigration Power Cap of the new Kingdom and you must meet all of the requirements:

Requirements to Immigrate

  • City hall Level 16 or higher.
  • Sufficient Passport Pages. (The number of pages required for immigration is determined by your projected power ranking in the destination kingdom.)
  • All march queues are empty.
  • Neither your city nor your troops are in battle.
  • You do not belong to an alliance.
  • The number of resources you possess does not exceed the protection capacity of your storehouse.
  • The kingdom you’re trying to migrate to has to be above 120 days old and not be part of Kingdom vs Kingdom (KvK)
  • If the kingdom is imperium (top-32) they can only accept players below 25m in power, the only exception is that they can only accept 1 player of any power but once a month.

After that, tap on Immigrate!

immigrate kingdom step 2

If your immigration request is successful, the game will automatically restart and your city will reappear at a random location in the selected province.

Have fun in the new Kingdom!

Kingdom Status

  • Nascent: A newly established kingdom with a rapidly growing population. Governors whose city halls are Level 8 or lower can use a Beginner’s Teleport to move here.
  • Protected: Governors’ cities are developing rapidly. All information about this kingdom is classified.
  • Unsealed: The chapter “Long Peace” in the kingdom chronicles has ended. All fog has been cleared and governors in all kingdoms can view information about this kingdom.
  • Developed: This kingdom has been open for more than 90 days, or was established earlier than your home kingdom. Governors from other kingdoms can immigrate here.

How Many Passport Pages Needed?

Depending on your projected rank, the required amount of Passports might vary.

You can check out the table below for more details.

rise of kingdoms passport requirements

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