The Golden Kingdom Event

This complete guide contains all information you want to know regarding the new Golden Kingdom event in Rise of Kingdoms!

Rise of Kingdoms The Golden Kingdom Event

The Golden Kingdom Summary:

  • In the Golden Kingdom event, players will be put in a chessboard-type map, which is covered by fog.
  • Players need to defeat the enemies (Guardians) on each floor and
  • There are 20 floors in total. Get to floor 4/8/12/16/20 to receive the event rewards.
  • Relics:
    • Relics are the one-time use items which can be used to buff your team or to cast a debuff to the enemies.
    • Open Chests on the map to receive Karaku Gold. Karaku Gold can be spent to purchase Relics from the Secret Shop on floors 4,8,12, and 16.
  • Blessings:
    • Blessings are the permanent buffs to your armies in The Golden Kingdom game mode.
    • For every win, players can pick 1 from 3 Blessings shown on the screen.
  • Relics and Blessings are moved when you restart the event.
  • Players can see the list of all acquired Relics/Blessings from the item bag menu on the screen.
  • Players could receive 5 days of speedups in total. This is probably the best event for speedups right now.

The Golden Kingdom Event 2

The Golden Kingdom Rules

  1. Requirements: Governors with a City Hall at level 17 or higher can participate.
  2. Event Description: Governors clear a path through the fog, revealing random events as they venture forward. When a tile is cleared of fog, the 4 adjacent tiles (above, below, left, right) become revealable. The fog surrounding a Guardian can not be cleared until the Guardian is defeated. Defeat the floor’s Guardian Chief to open up a portal to the next floor. 1 Golden Chest will be awarded for every 4th floor cleared.
  3. Event Difficulty: The strength of enemy troops in the “Golden Kingdom” event will scale with the participating Governor’s Power to ensure a suitable challenge.
  4. Troop Setup: Governors will use their own troops and commanders in battle, taking up to 5 troops with them. Once troops are set, they (including equipment and talents of Commanders involved) cannot be changed unless restarting the event. Troops recruited from Reinforcement Camps can be used in battle as well.
  5. Troop Strength: At the end of each battle, any surviving troops of either side will remain. Battle results will not influence the participating Governor’s troop strength outside of the event.
  6. Boosts: All buffs from equipment, individual technologies, commander talents, VIP buffs,  civilization bonuses, city buildings and special city themes will take effect in the”Golden Kingdom” event.

Map Structures

Reinforcement Camp

Reinforcement Camp

Abandoned troops still reside in the Golden Kingdom’ s military camps, ready and waiting for action. Governors can recruit 1 troop here to help fight.
healer hut

Healer’s Hut

The Golden Kingdom’s Healer’s Huts are home to mystic shamans with great healing powers. Here, Governors can heal a portion of their troop strength.
Altar of Karuak

Altar of Karuak

An altar not unlike those found in the Lost Kingdom. According to the Golden Kingdom’ s histories, the legendary commander depicted is Kau Karuak, the first person to discover and conquer the Lost Kingdom. In the many centuries since he brought its numerous treasures back to the Golden Kingdom, his name has become a synonym for “strongest”. Here, his altar stands as a symbol of new life, and can be used to revive a fallen troop.
Disk of Density

Disk of Density

The positions of the flashing lights in the sky change from day to day, but the High Priests have tracked their movements, learning much about the patterns of the cosmos. The Golden Kingdom used these findings to create the Disk of Destiny, recording the passage of time. It is said touching it brings good luck.
arrow tower

Arrow Tower

A Golden Kingdom arrow tower, exquisite in design and powerful in function. Occupied by invaders, it poses a great threat to any passers by. Each time you clear fog, it will deal damage to each of your troops. After clearing the fog from any tile adjacent to the Arrow Tower, you can tap to destroy it.
mystic portal

Mystic Portal

Perhaps the most unique aspect of the Go this network of caves, which serves to bot an important role in defense. Filled now w Guardians, the only way forward is to fight
Iden Kingdom’ s varied terrain is h connect its many cities and plays ith greedy invaders and their your way to the Guardian Chief, defeat him, and unlock a portal to the deeper floors of the Golden Kingdom.
Secret Market

Secret Market

The Secret Market of the Golden Kingdom may appear to be an ordinary array of tents, but many mysterious and powerful Relics can be purchased there. The Secret Market can be found on floors 4,8,12, and 16, where you can buy Relics with Karaku Gold. Note: Relics only work within the “Golden Kingdom”
Sunset Creepers

Sunset Creepers

Dangerous vines covered in sharp thorns which can deliver incredibly potent poison. They call them Sunset Creepers because brushing against one means the sunset of your life. Sunset Creepers will prevent Governors from clearing nearby fog. There’ s no fighting this plant; you’ d be well-advise to simply move past it.

The Golden Kingdom Relics


  • Governors can use Karaku Gold on floors 4,8,12, and 16 to buy Relics. Relics can also be found when clearing fog and opening chests left behind by enemies.
  • Governors can hold up to 9 Relics at a time. If a Relic is found while already at maximum capacity, you can use or destroy a Relic to make space for the new one.
  • Tap any Relic to use it. Relics only work in the “Golden Kingdom” event.
  • When resetting the event, Governors can choose either to restart (Will lose all Relics) or return to a specific floor (Will only lose any Relics earned from that floor on).


  1. You have a chance to get Blessings when using the Disk of Destiny, clearing fog, and opening chests dropped by defeated enemies.
  2. Governors can view their Blessings at any time. Blessings only work within the “Golden Kingdom” event.
  3. Each time the Golden Kingdom is reset, all Blessings will be deleted.

The Golden Kingdom Event Rewards

4Universal Speedup 3-hour Universal Speedup x6
Golden Key Golden Key x2
Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
Resource Chest Lvl. 2 Pick-one Resource Chest x4
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight x1
8Universal Speedup 3-hour Universal Speedup x7
Golden Key Golden Key x2
Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
Resource Chest Lvl. 2 Pick-one Resource Chest x5
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight x1
12Universal Speedup 8-hour Universal Speedup x3
peace shield 24-hour Peace Shield x1
Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lvl. 5 XP Book x10
Resource Chest Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x8
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight x1
16Universal Speedup 8-hour Universal Speedup x3
enhanced defense buff 24-hour Enhanced Defense x3
Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lvl. 5 XP Book x12
Resource Chest Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x8
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight x2
20Universal Speedup 8-hour Universal Speedup x3
enhanced attack 24-hour Enhanced Attack x3
Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lvl. 5 XP Book x20
Resource Chest Lvl. 3 Pick-one Resource Chest x10
Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight x2


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