The Best Free-To-Play (F2P) Guide

People usually say that Rise of Kingdoms is a strong pay-to-win game and free-to-play players do not have any space in this strong competitive environment. While this statement is partly correct, the game still offers a great space for all free-to-play players to fully enjoy the outstanding gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms.

Rise of Kingdoms definitely offers a lot of certain ways for F2P players to have fun and be competitive in the game while most other mobile games just can’t. Having that said, this is the best Free-to-play Guide for all Rise of Kingdoms players, including both new and experienced players.

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Guide by Almond_Head



This is definitely the most important tip everyone should know when starting playing Rise of Kingdoms. It is even more crucial for new players since jumping gives you an outstanding start with loads of advantages.

Specifically, you start the game normally and push your City Hall and all of the buildings to level 7, upgrade everything you can and save all of the items you can, including speedups, resources, XP Books, etc and then teleport to a fresh Kingdom using the Beginner Teleport, where all new players have to start from scratch.

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Best Civilization For Starting


At the beginning, you shouldn’t care about the buffs those civilizations offer. Rather looking for the featured commanders of those civilizations. They are the Epic Commanders that you will get for free after choosing a civilization.

You should look for the commanders whose sculptures usually get offered through the events and quests in game.

Thus, I recommend F2P players should start with either Scipio or Boudica. They are, in my opinion, the best starting Epic Commanders for F2P players because:

  1. Scipio is great for any mixed army composition and is quite tanky in an open battlefield.
  2. Boudica is excellent for farming Barbarians/Forts and nuking.

After getting the starting commander, you can change your civilization to Japan once you have gotten to City Hall level 10 as Japan increases the attack of all troops you have, increases your scouting speed (super helpful at the beginning) and resource gathering speed.

rise of kingdoms civilization

How to spend Gems Efficiently?


Being a Free-to-play Player, Gem Gems become very limited for you. And since Gem Gem is the most valuable resource you could obtain in the entire game, understanding the best ways to spend Gem Gems is extremely crucial for all players.

At first, you should only focus on rushing your VIP level to 6 as this offer tons of crucial buffs in every aspect of the game. It also gives you the secondary builder permanently, you won’t have to spend Gems on recruiting builder anymore.

Next, take the advantage of being able to buy items in the VIP 6 shop. Action Point Action Potions and Universal Speedup Speedups for more specific.

After that, use your Gem Gems and resources to buy Items in the Mysterious Merchant’s shop whenever it appears:

  • Buy everything which is sold in normal resources.
  • Buy all speed-ups which are discounted at more than 60%

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rise of kingdoms speedups

How to use Speedups


  • The best ways to speed up your building and technology upgrades in Rise of Kingdoms is to leverage the help from your Alliance members.
  • Never use speedups before getting the maximum amount of helps from your Alliance members. You can easily check this by going to the Alliance → Help Section.
  • Use the specific type of Speedups first before using the universal Speedups.
  • You should always be working on upgrading buildings/technology or training troops/gathering resources while going idle.




You should only focus on what is needed to get to the next City Hall level. Rushing the City Hall is the top priority you want to do.

This means you should focus on the main buildings like wall, military buildings etc while neglecting the others.

Rushing to higher City Hall unlocks better technologies, higher troop tiers, more army dispatches and a lot of other perks!

You also want to upgrade the technologies that increase the upgrading/researching speed. It will definitely pay off in the long run, a lot.


Commander Tips


I bet that all new players definitely ruin their Epic/Legendary Commanders at the beginning of the game. Lucky you, I’m here giving you the best tips!

Never star up your Epic/Legendary Commanders before having their first skill maxed unless they are Gathering Commanders. This is because, the first skill is usually the best skill. Also, during the battles, your commanders will continuously cast their active skills so you want them to be maxed to maximize the output effects.

Also, focus on only one Legendary Commander. Although it’s very hard to max out the first skill of a Legendary Commander, it’s still a lot better than using any maxed out Epic Commander.

Only skill tree of the primary commander does matter. The talent tree of the secondary commander doesn’t contribute to the dispatch.

Coupling commanders with different properties makes your dispatch more versatile and could be ready for different situations.

Gathering Tips



Being a free-to-play player, the amount of resources you could gather is pretty scarce.

Thus, you want to focus on your gathering commanders at the beginning. Level them up as fast as you can, just after your primary commander.

At first, you can aim for level 27. Getting them to level 27 gives you enough points to get the talent that offers additional resources upon completion of gathering (screenshot below). To complete the Gathering tree, you need to bring them to level 37.

Besides these, always exchange resources for resources in the Courier Station. Also don’t forget to always collect the runes for better gathering speed.

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Suggested Commanders


As mentioned above, only focus on one Legendary Commander because the Legendary Sculptures and Starlights are extremely rare. The same thing goes to Epic Commanders at the beginning of the game.

Do not spend your resources on many Epic Commanders, ideally no more than 2 until you understand the game a bit more.

Best 5 Epic Commanders for F2P Players:

scipio africanusScipio: He is very good for mixed troops armies, provides great attack/defense buffs, excels when coupled with Joan or Boudica.

boudicaBoudica: She is an excellent commander for both PvE and PvP matches, super versatile. For PvP, couple her with Pelagius. For PvP, couple her with Lohar.

pelagiusPelagius: He is a great cavalry commander that offers pretty nice rage restoration. Excellent when paired with Boudica.

loharLohar: Best PvE commander. It’s very easy to max out his skills by participating in the Lohar’s Trial event. Pair him up with Boudica for PvE battles.

joan-of-arcJoan of Arc: Excellent gatherer. She also goes well with all commanders listed above and also all others in the game, couldn’t go wrong.

Spending Tips


This section is for those F2P players who finally decide to spend less than $50 into the game after a certain period of time playing.

You will want to buy 2 King’s Coordination bundles until you get all of the recharge gifts.

Once you have obtained all of the recharge gifts, get the Gem Supply and Growth Fund (for VIP5+).

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