Fireworks Festival Event Guide

Fireworks Festival” is the new festival event in Rise of Kingdoms that has a maximum duration of 5 days where we must complete a series of missions to obtain great rewards.

This event is simple but we must dedicate some time to it if we want to complete all of the missions. As new players, it may be a little more difficult to complete, but don’t worry, we will give you some tips and tricks so that you can finish all the tasks of the event with ease!

fireworks festival Rise of Kingdoms

Firework Festival

In the maximum time of 5 days, we must complete a total of 5 missions.

Each of them gives us certain very luxurious rewards for any type of player, the objective of these missions is to ignite Fireworks up to a total of 180 but these are obtained through another event that reappears along with this “Light up the Night”.

In this one we only have to launch them to win the rewards:

20 Fireworks x1 x1 x1 x1
40 Fireworks x3  x3 x3 x1
80 Fireworks x1 x1 x1 x1 x1
120 Fireworks x5 x5 x1 x1
180 Fireworks x5 x5 x1 x1

Light up the Night

This event has a duration of 4 days, that is, 1 day less than the “Fireworks Festival” so we will have less time to obtain Fireworks to exchange them for rewards.

During the event, governors will have a chance to get Fireworks when purchasing items in the courier station, destroying barbarian forts and giving alliance help. Fireworks will be received by mail.

Tips and Tricks for Fireworks Festival

Alliance Help

Fireworks are randomly received after giving alliance help.

The more help we provide to our allies, the more chances we will have of winning Fireworks, for this we must be in an active Alliance where members constantly ask for help to heal, build and investigate and have activated our option “Quick Help” in “Settings“, “General Settings”.

enable quick help in Rise of Kingdoms

Defeat Barbarian Forts

Fireworks are randomly received after destroying barbarian forts.

Participate in each rally to destroy barbarian forts will guarantee us Fireworks 100% safe, we must be in an active alliance, this is the best option to spend some AP to destroy these neutral structures and quickly win Fireworks.

Courier Station Purchases

Fireworks are randomly received after purchasing items in the courier station.

Every so often in our city “Mysterious Merchant” appears, if we buy the offers for resources that he sells us we get some items and at the same time we have a high probability of winning Fireworks for the event. If the merchant does not appear, we can bring her by speeding up or finishing the training of some troops in our barracks, it is a way of bringing her back when she is not.

courier station

In the 3 ways to obtain Fireworks we must be something active at least during these days to obtain these wonderful rewards. It’s not difficult; only requires play time.

Spoils

Sign in for a total of 7 days to earn bountiful rewards, including an epic equipment blueprint: Frost Treads!

Logged in forRewards
1 Day x3 x3 x3 x2
2 Days x2 x1 x3 x3
3 Days x2 x2 x1 x1
4 Days x3 x2 x1 x1
5 Days x5 x1 x1 x1
6 Days x8 x8 x1 x1
7 Days x10 x1 x1 x1

Fireworks Festival is an event from which we must not miss the opportunity to win these incredible rewards, for F2P players they are very good, completely free and with any power we can obtain.

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