The Best Trick To Farm Barbarians Efficiently

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Today we are going to show you the most efficient trick to farm Barbarians in Rise of Kingdoms.

You might even be able to farm up to 10 Barbarians groups with just 40 Action Point Action Points (AP).

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Step-by-Step Guide to Farm Barbarians Efficiency

We are going to use Infantry units as they are slower, helping us control the movements easier.

Preparation: Teleport to a right angle covered by mountains in Zone 3. You can find all Barbarians lvl. 1-19 here within 5km and all of them will get spawn closely in an area, instead of randomly spawned like when your City Hall is on an open field.

Secondary Commander should be: sun tzu Sun Tzu or balbars Baibars If possible.

The Primary Commander should be lohar Lohar, boudica Boudica or cao cao Cao Cao. They reduce the required Action Points to attack Barbarians by 10 and also give you 15x Lvl. 1 Resource Pack C whenever you defeat a Barbarian group.

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Then follow these steps:

  1. Search for all Barbarians from level 1 to level 19.
    Note that you can spawn no more than 4 Barbarian groups at once. After that, you need to wait for about 1 minute to spawn another Barbarians.
    Keep doing that until you spawn up to 19 Barbarians Groups, from level 1 to level 19.
  2. Attack the highest level Barbarians and then PULL it to the other Barbarians group nearby. Your dispatch will defend itself and activate the AoE active skills, dealing damage to the other Barbarians.

It will be even more efficient If you have farm accounts as you can use them to spawn more Barbarians for your the primary account to farm. Place your Farm Cities around 10km from your Main City.

Credits: vinh tran

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