How to Write Fancy/Colored Texts in Messages

Hello guys, in this guide, we are going to show you with fancy and colored messages with ease!

In case you don’t know yet, the messages in Rise of Kingdoms could become a lot more fancy If you use HTML.

Here is an example:

Hello everyone, this is <b><i>RiseofKingdoms.Com</i></b>! The best website for reading everything related to the best RTS game ever, <color="red">Rise of Kingdoms</color>!

Simply copy and paste this into the game, you will have the result exactly like this:

fancy text trick rise of kingdoms

fancy text trick rise of kingdoms

By modifying the HTML text formats a little bit, you will have a very interesting and easy-to-read for your Alliance members or your friends.

Here are some of the most popular HTML tags for you to use:

  • Bold: <b>text here</b>
  • Italic: <i>text here</i>
  • Underline: <u>text here</u>
  • Color: <color=”red”>text here</color>. You can change red to blue, yellow, green or whatever you want.
  • You can check out further for the other interesting uses of HTML.

Note: Make sure that you always need to close the HTML tag in order to take the effect of it. For example, <b>content</b>. The </b> is used here to close the <b> tag, which is used to bold texts.

I also believe that you can use this trick in the Alliance’s Description as well!

Hopefully reading this small guide, you will be able to write the super fancy messages in Rise of Kingdoms.

Can you share screenshots of what you can do with HTML tags in the comment section below?

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