Wheel of Fortune is a Rise of Kingdoms event where you spend Gems to spin the wheel to get the limited Legendary Heroes and various valuable rewards.

wheel of fortune

Wheel of Fortune Event Rules:

  1. Every Governo will receive a free spin at the beginning of the Event.
  2. The event lasts for 3 days and appears once every 2 weeks.
  3. After spinning the wheel as a specified number of times, you will receive a special bonus reward. Remember to click the chest icon on the top left corner of the wheel to claim your bonus rewards!
  4. Note that bonus rewards are not reset daily. As long as your total spins throughout the event meet the requirements, you will be able to claim all of the bonus awards!
  5. Today’s Chances will be reset daily at 00:00 UTC
  6. First Wheel of Fortune appears in the 24th day of the Kingdom.
  7. The first event always offers Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Sculptures, followed by a specific-hero wheel.
  8. The specific-hero wheel appears 3 times before changing back to Universal Sculptures and so on.
  9. The duration between 2 commander wheels is 56 days.

Wheel of Fortune Event Timeline Infographic

Wheel of Fortune’s Potential Rewards

4x gold item 200k Gold Token4x wood item 500k Wood Token
3x Universal Speedup 15-hour Universal Speed-up4x Training Speedup 8-hour Training Speed-up
8x Legendary Commander Sculpture * Commander Sculpture1x Legendary Commander Sculpture * Commander Sculpture
4x Universal Speedup 8-hour Universal Speed-up4x Research Speedup 8-hour Academy Research Speed-up
4x food item 500k Food Token4x stone item 375k Stone Token
1x Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures2x Dazzling Starlight SculptureDazzling Starlight Sculpture

Extra Rewards

Keep spinning the wheel to receive these extra rewards!

10 Spins25 Spins45 Spins70 Spins100 Spins
5x Legendary Commander Sculpture * Commander Sculpture5x Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures10x Legendary Commander Sculpture * Commander Sculpture10x Legendary Commander Sculpture Universal Legendary Sculptures15x Legendary Commander Sculpture * Commander Sculpture
5x food item 500k Food Token1x Universal Speedup 24-hour Universal Speed-up
5x wood item 500k Wood Token3x Building Speedup 8-hour Building Speed-up
5x stone item 375k Stone Token3x Training Speedup 8-hour Training Speed-up
5x gold item 200k Gold Token3x Research Speedup 8-hour Academy Research Speed-up

* Note: The Hero-specific Sculpture is based on your Kingdom’s state. Each Kingdom could have different Hero sculpture.

How to spend Gems in Wheel of Fortune effectively

Guide by Thelo Rabbit.

When a Wheel of Fortune is on, the first question is: How much should I spend?

If you are a P2W player and you love the commander, it’s obvious: Spend it ALL; but for a F2P or a low spender, who knows how difficult it is to keep and gather gems, the question is much difficult to answer.

I tried to create a tool to answer this question for me and for others,  based on five important facts:

  1. There are 3 wheels for each commander.
  2. The best worth is to win the extra rewards (in 10, 25, 45, 70 and 100 spins),
  3. There’s a difference between guaranteed heads and probability heads
  4. The commander heads and the legendary heads are the same.
  5. The first 5 spins is 1 free, 1 normal and 3 discount spins.

With all being said, I present to you my calculation sheet about Wheel and Gems!

How to use the Wheel of Fortune Sheet

  1. You need to define the number of gems you want to use.
  2. Go to the “Gems” column (red) to see a similar amount to use.
  3. Check the number of heads you might get in “Total heads” (yellow) and the ratio (orange), which is the average amount of gems spent on 1 head.


I want to spend 40.000 gems on Khan. I search for a similar amount (red column) and I find 38.400 and 42.000 on the Table. The best Ratio (orange column) is 42.000 gems with 926,1; so, the best way to spend is to do 10 spins in two Wheels, and 45 spins in the last Wheel, to get 20 guaranteed golden statues and 25,4 probable golden statues, for 45,4 golden statues in total, if you’re lucky enough.

Wheel of Fortune Infographic

Rise of Kingdoms - MAX SPINNING RICHARD WHEEL - Wheel of Fortune Event explained