Training Day Event

Training Day Event

Speed up troop training during the event to win great rewards!


During the event, use Speedups to reduce troop training queue times by a specified total amount and receive corresponding rewards! Governors throughout the Kingdom will be ranked based on total Speedup time used, and the top 100 governors will receive additional rank rewards at the end of the event.

Use a total of 100 minutes worth of Training Speedups5xfood item50,000
5xwood item50,000
1xBuilding Speedup10m Building Speedup
Use a total of 700 minutes worth of Training Speedups1xfood item150,000
1xwood item150,000
1xstone item112,500
1xgold item50,000
Use a total of 2,000 minutes worth of Training Speedups1xTome of Knowledge level 2 Lvl. 4 Tome of Knowledge
1xBuilding Speedup 60m Building Speedup
1xResearch Speedup 60m Research Speedup
1xTraining Speedup 60m Training Speedup
Use a total of 5,400 minutes worth of Training Speedups10xDazzling Starlight SculptureDazzling Starlight Sculpture
1xUniversal Speedup 3-hour Speedup

training day top ranking rewards
Top Ranking Rewards…