Boundless WisdomBoundless Wisdom” is an event in Rise of Kingdoms where we must use research speedups to increase the power.

This is a simple event with the duration of 2 days, we will obtain numerous rewards for completing all missions.

Boundless Wisdom Event Rules

During the event, use Research Speedups to reduce queue times in the academy by a specified total amount and receive corresponding rewards! Event progress resets at 0:00 UTC daily.

Tips to complete Boundless Wisdom

  • Research huge tech to increase the power as we complete the event.
  • Asking for the title of “ Scientist” of the kingdom to reduce researching time.
  • Use research speed first before using Universal Speedups! Save Universals for other tasks.

Note: If you are an advanced governor and all your techs are already maxed, the event will automatically send you the rewards.

Event Rewards

Requirement Rewards
Use a total of 100 minutes worth of research speedups
  • Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lv.3 Tome of Knowledge (1,000 EXP) x5
  • food item Food 50,000 x5
  • wood item Wood 50,000 x5
  • Building Speedup Building Speedup (10m) x1
Use a total of 800 minutes worth of research speedups
  • food item Food 150,000 x1
  • wood item Wood 150,000 x1
  • stone item Stone 112,500 x1
  • gold item Gold 50,000 x1
Use a total of 2,800 minutes worth of research speedups
  • Tome of Knowledge level 3 Lv.4 Tome of Knowledge (5,000) x2
  • Building Speedup Building Speedup (60m) x2
  • Research Speedup Research Speedup (60m) x2
  • Training Speedup Training Speedup (60m) x2
Use a total of 9,400 minutes worth of research speedups
  • Dazzling Starlight Sculpture Dazzling Starlight Sculpture x10
  • Universal Speedup Universal Speedup (3h) x3