Arms Training Event is a new Rise of Kingdoms event where you need to fight Lohar repeatedly without returning to your City!

Rise of Kingdoms arms training event

Tips for Arms Training Event

Every time you defeat Lohar, you receive 10,000 points but he will become stronger, will unlock a new skill, and you will get to pick this skill for him to increase the difficulty.

It’s best to unlock his skills following the order below:

arms training skill order list

We have tested different skill order multiple times and the one above gave the best results.

Do not forget to activate the Troop Attack/Defense buff, Troop Expansion buff, and obtain a rune before attacking Lohar!

About equipment, it’s best to use gears that provide extra HP.

Best Commanders to use in Arms Training:

  • Alexander the Great + Aetheflaed.
  • Genghis Khan +  Alexander the Great.
  • Osman + Hermann Hermann
  • Sun Tzu + Osman

Do note that Peace Keeping Peacekeeping commander skills are not doing extra damage to Lohar in this event. Healing skills are also not working here.

Arms Training’s Lohar Boss Skills

Starting Skills:

  • All damage received from cavalry reduced by 20%.
  • Damage taken from archers reduced by 20%.

Unlockable Skills

seething wrathSeething WrathWhenever attacked, Lohar has a 30% chance to remove all buffs from his attacker and cause the attacking troops to take an extra 25% damage for 3 seconds.
surging strikeSurging StrikeWhen using skills, Lohar immediately recovers 100 Rage and increases normal attack damage by 100% for 3 seconds.
ProvokeWhenever attacked, Lohar has a 30% chance to remove debuffs from his troops, and at the same time increase their attack and defense by 15% for 3 seconds.
ancestral protectionAncestral ProtectionWhenever attacked, Lohar has a 10% chance to gain a shield (Damage Factor 800) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, Lohar’s troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage.
Duelist’s BreathWhenever attacked, Lohar gains a 10% chance to reduce skill damage his troops take by 50% and increase normal attack damage they deal by 70% for 3 seconds.
Wild RageAttacks have a 10% chance to deal extra damage once (Damage Factor: 1000) and silence the target for 3 seconds.
Armor Piercing SpearsAll damage Lohar’s troops deal is increased by 20% and ignores the shield effects of the target.
Malignant VenomLohar’s troops add a stack of poison with each attack, lasting 10 seconds and stacking up to 30 times (duration is refreshed when a stack is added). Each stack increases damage taken from all sources by 1%.
Ancestral WillWhen taking damage from a single source that would cause Lohar to lose 10% or more of current troops’ strength, this damage is reduced by 50%. This skill has a 3-second cooldown.
No RetreatWhen Lohar’s troop strength is lower than 50%, his troops deal an extra 20% normal attack damage and 20% counterattack damage and take 20% less skill damage.

Arms Training Event Rise of Kingdoms

Arms Training Event Rules:

Armsmaster Lohar has organized a session of Arms Training. Use this opportunity to learn valuable battle experience!

  1. 1. When Arms Training begins, Armsmaster Lohar has two Starting Skills and one Active Skill. Every 3rd time you defeat Lohar’s troops, he will level up and activate a new skill. Governors can choose which new skills he activates.
  2. Governors can only use one troop for the entire duration of each training session. In other words, as soon as any troop enter a session of Arms Training, subsequent battles during this session must be completed by that same troop, and it cannot receive any healing until training ends. No reinforcement troops are allowed.
  3. Armsmaster Lohar’s troops count as elite barbarians. Buffs and skills which provide a damage bonus against barbarians do not work in this event.
  4. Once a Governor’s troop has been defeated, given up, returned to city, or has defeated a fully-upgraded Lohar 3 times, the session ends, and Points are calculated.
  5. Each time you defeat Lohar’s troops once, you earn 10,000 Points.
  6. If you were defeated midway, you will gain Bonus Points which are based on a percentage of the number of troops you defeated in your last battle with Lobar multiplied by 10,000.
  7. If you defeat a fully-upgraded Lohar 3 times, then Bonus Points will be based on the percentage of troops remaining multiplied by 10,000.
  8. Returning to your city mid-battle or giving up training will not award Bonus Points.
  9. Governors can start training sessions 5 times per day. The highest points achieved will be counted as the final score.
  10. If a server is taken down for maintenance, any training session in progress will be forcefully ended. If you receive notification of impending server maintenance, please be sure to complete your training session before the server goes offline.

Event Rewards

12,000Gem 20Legendary Commander Sculpture Building SpeedupTraining Speedupenhanced defense buff
21,000Gem 15Legendary Commander Sculpture Building SpeedupTraining Speedupenhanced defense buff
3500Gem 10Legendary Commander Sculpture Building SpeedupTraining Speedupenhanced defense buff
4-10300Gem 8Legendary Commander Sculpture Building SpeedupTraining Speedupenhanced attack

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