Arms Training Event is a new Rise of Kingdoms event where you need to fight Lohar repeatedly without returning to your City!

Rise of Kingdoms arms training event

Tips for Arms Training Event

Every time you defeat Lohar, you receive 10,000 points but he will become stronger, will unlock a new skill, and you will get to pick this skill for him to increase the difficulty.

It’s best to unlock his skills following the order below:

Lohar Skills Arms Training

  1.  Reinforced Armor
  2. Master of the Blow
  3. Poisoned Arrows
  4. Rapid Regeneration
  5. Combo Shots
  6. Strike of Vengeance
  7. Armor of Thorns
  8. Thrill of Battle
  9. Iron Resolve
  10. Will of Battle

It’s recommended to not pick the 8th or 9th skill right from the beginning. Otherwise, he will become significantly stronger and will be a lot harder to be defeated.

Every time you beat Lohar, you gotta unlock a new skill for him!
Every time you beat Lohar, you gotta unlock a new skill for him!

Since Lohar is a neutral unit, it’s best to use Heroes that have extra damage dealt to neutral units for this event.

Any Peace Keeping Peacekeeping commander would be the best here: minamoto no yoshitsune Minamoto, aethelflaed Aetheflaed, boudica Boudica, etc.

If you are not in mid-end game phase yet, minamoto no yoshitsune Minamoto + cao cao Cao Cao or minamoto no yoshitsune Minamoto + aethelflaed Aetheflaed is probably the best combo for you here.

Arms Training’s Lohar Boss Skills:

 Reinforced Armor (Passive): Every 10 seconds, Lohar’s troops gain a shield (Damage Factor 1000) for 5 seconds. While the shield is active, incoming normal attack damage is reduced by 20%.

Iron Resolve (Passive): Troops led by Lohar have a 100% chance to gain 200 Rage whenever attacked, and troops led by you will also gain 50 Rage.

Master of the Blow (Passive): Lohar’s mastery of the blow allows him to snipe enemy wrists with incredible accuracy, causing them to drop their weapons. When Lohar uses this skill, your troops will become Disarmed (normal attacks disabled) for 2 seconds.

Armor of Thorns (Passive): Increases defense of all troops led by Lohar by 10%, and increases counterattack damage by 50%.

Poisoned Arrows (Passive): Governors’ troops attacked by Lohar will continuously take damage (Damage Factor 100) each round, and reduce Speed of Rage Gained by 10% for 1 second.

Thrill of Battle (Passive): For every 10 seconds in battle, Lohar’s troops will increase their attack and defense by 10%, to a maximum of 100%.

Rapid Regeneration (Passive): Whenever attacked, Lohar’s troops have a 10% chance to heal troop units by 1%, and in the next 10 seconds continuously heal troop units.

Will of Battle (Passive): During an engagement of battle, when Lohar’s troop units are reduced to 10%, after 10 seconds, immediately heal to 30% troop units.

Combo Shots (Passive): Lohar’s active skill is powered up to “Combo Shots”, whenever using “Lethal Shot”, there is a 50% chance to use “Lethal Shot” again, to a maximum of 5 times.

Strike of Vengeance (Passive): Lohar’s troops have a 10% chance on attack to dish out an additional Strike of Vengeance, dealing damage equal to 500% of normal attack. Whenever damaged by a skill, immediately retaliate with a Strike of Vengeance.

Arms Training Event Rise of Kingdoms

Arms Training Event Rules:

Armsmaster Lohar has organized a session of Arms Training. Use this opportunity to learn valuable battle experience!

  1. Every time you defeat Lohar’s army 3 times, Lohar will become stronger and unlock a new skill. Governors will get to select this new skill.
  2. Governors can only use one army for the entire duration of each training session. In other words, as soon as any army enters a session of Arms Training, subsequent battles during this session must be completed by that same army and it cannot receive any healing until training ends. No reinforcement armies are allowed.
  3. Once a Governor’s army has been defeated, given up, returned to city, or has defeated a Lohar that has all skills unlocked 3 times, the session ends and Points are calculated.
  4. Each time you defeat Lohar’s army once, you earn 10,000 Points.
  5. If you were defeated mid way, you will gain Bonus Points which is based on a percentage of the number of troops you had defeated in your last battle with Lohar, multiplied by 10,000.
  6. If you defeat a Lohar that has all of his skills unlocked 3 times, then Bonus Points is based on a percentage of the number of troops remaining in your army, multiplied by 10,000.
  7. Returning to city mid way or giving up training will not award Bonus Points.
  8. Governors can start 3 sessions of training per day, the Final Points is based on the Highest Points achieved.
  9. A server down will forcefully end a training session that is in progress. As soon as you receive notification, please complete your training session before server down.