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TL;DR: Best Equipment Set For Each Faction

Cavalry Equipment

Archer Equipment

Infantry Equipment

EquipmentEstimated TimeEquipmentEstimated TimeEquipmentEstimated Time
vanguard halberd

Vanguard Halberd

5.5Dstaff of the lost

Staff of the Lost

22.0Dstaff of the lost

Staff of the Lost

Abyssal Visage

Abyssal Visage

72.0DHelm of Phoenix

Helm of the Phoenix

3.5DHelm of Phoenix

Helm of the Phoenix

Infantry Breeastplate

Infantry Breastplate

3.5DCommander's Heavy Armor

Commander’s Heavy

14.0DCommander's Heavy Armor

Commander’s Heavy

Iset's Sufferance

Iset’s Sufferance

48.0DSaint's Song

Saint Song

10.0DCloth Gloves

Cloth Gloves

Vanguard Greaves

Vanguard Greaves

3.5DGreaves of the Exile

Gleaves of the Exile

14.0DGreaves of the Exile

Gleaves of the Exile

edged boots

Edged Boots

2.5Dsturdy boots

Sturdy Boots


Attack 18.5% – Defense 6.5% – HP 15%

135 DaysBoosts:

Attack 1.5% – Defense 16.5% – Health 4%

64.25 DaysBoosts:

Attack 4% – Defense 6.5% – Health 9%

56.25 Days
The best amount of stat boost with the least amount of time required (best to avoid helmet). Also, the Windswept set that comes from Shadow Legion event with a bad drop rate and is best to avoid if the game does not increase the drop soon.Helm of the Phoenix can be obtained by wiping out all the Guardians in Zone 1 with 5 marches. Do it once a day for a few days and you will have enough. Archer equipment is best for whales as the best stuff is behind a huge paywall.Helm of the Phoenix can be obtained by wiping out all the Guardians in Zone 1 with 5 marches. Do it once a day for a few days and you will have enough. Also, the Windswept set is from the Shadow Legion event with a bad drop rate is best to avoid if the game does not increase drop soon.

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Getting Started: The Blacksmith

Start off your equipment making journey in Rise of Kingdoms by building the Blacksmith and once that is done, a new quest will appear “Blacksmith Apprentice”.

Be sure to reboot the game as sometimes it stays invisible. (Side quest > scroll all the way down > Blacksmith Apprentice)

blacksmith rise of kingdoms
From our early days as hunter-gatherers to our great civilizations with their castles and siege weapons, humanity has always been creating and improving upon their tools, equipment, and weapons. With a blacksmith shop, all manner of equipment will be available for you to forge, from hearty breastplates to swords so sharp the air itself might bleed. It’s time to build yourself a blacksmith and forge some amazing equipment for your commanders! Send them into battle with glorious weapons and armor!

Materials and Blueprints

To forge equipment (or gears), you need Materials and Blueprints.

There are 7 types of materials in total (Feather, Leather, Iron Ore, Animal bone, Crystal, Silk, Ebony).

Materials/blueprints/equipment have 5 tiers in total, just like the commander: Normal, Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary.

How to Get Materials?

⭐ Blacksmith: Focus working on one type at a time. It takes only 2-3 days to make the green set of equipment. Always keep the forge running similar to troops training. (one type/set of equipment according to needs)

⭐ Courier Station: The courier station sells them for cheap at a 50% discount. Buy them if you have a max castle and decent commander.

⭐ Daily Quest (at 40 and 80 points): Simply finish the daily quest, very easy.

⭐ Hammer and Anvil Bundle: The bundle is cheap and lets you choose the material you wish to get. A decent way to gather the material you prefer. The bundle basically makes you complete equipment 2x faster compared to the people who aren’t as of now.

⭐ Treasure of the Warrior from Sunset Canyon: Each win gets 1 epic box which by far the best thing you can have. (dropping ranks with poo defense in sunset canyon = NEW META)

Producing Speed

10 every 3 hour10 every 12 hour10 every 2 day10 every 8 day10 every 32 day
producing materials
Producing Materials in Rise of Kingdoms


  • The blacksmith can produce 10 materials used to forge equipment every 3 hours, totally free.
  • Governors can queue up any 5 materials to be produced. The blacksmith shop will produce them in the order set.
  • The blacksmith’s production speed can be enhanced with speedups.
  • After a material is produced, it must be claimed manually.
  • Produced materials can be viewed from the Equipment page on the Items menu.

How to Get Blueprints?

  1. Forging Side Quests
  2. Treasure of Warrior from Sunset Canyon
  3. Drops from Stalkers and Dark Stalkers
  4. Shadow Legion Invasion prizes
  5. Drops from Lohar rally
  6. Exchange item from Osiris Shop
  7. Defeating Voodoo priest Pache in Karuak event.
  8. Ancient Ruins, Altar of Darkness etc.

You can go and find the item that you guys like and click at the blueprints.

equipment side quest

Materials you can get from the Forging Quest

  • 0-9 = gray tier (Blueprint + Material)
  • 10-12 | 16 = green tier (Blueprint + Material)
  • 20 | 24 | 28 | 36 | 39 | 41 | 43 = blue tier (Blueprint)
  • 45 | 50 = purple tier (Blueprint)

Option 2-6 is an extremely slow process and is somewhat like maxing a Legendary Commander out of Golden Keys.

combining materials

Combining Materials

  1. Materials have 5 levels: Normal, Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary.
  2. 4 identical materials (same type, same quality) can be combined to make a higher-quality material. For example, 4 normal feathers can be combined to create an advanced feather.
  3. The top material quality is legendary. The higher the material quality, the better the items it can be used to forge.

Making Blueprints

  1. 30 blueprint fragments can be combined to make one complete blueprint.
  2. Only complete blueprints can be used to forge equipment.
  3. Complete blueprints can be found in the Item menu’s “Equipment” page.
  4. Each blueprint corresponds with a specific piece of equipment it can be used to forge.

rok equipment


sturdy boots
One of the very first items you can forge!

Equipments are basically stat boosts, similar to how talent tree or academy research works. It’s a good way to boost yourself up a bit more.

Once you finish the first quest, you should have enough material and blueprint to craft your very first item.

Start off by making the equipment called “Sturdy Boots”.

Now as you keep making new equipment, you’ll finish the whole bunch of quests. This will help you gain more blueprints for you to craft.

Each item has its own equipment level, which is the required level of the commander in order to wear it. Each equipment consists of different attributes so you will have to pick the best attributes to have for your commanders.

There are basically two ways to make equipment:

  • Keep forging and dismantling it (the quick way)
  • Slowly make one at a time without dismantling anything (the slow method).

Dismantle Method

The quick method

It might be slightly tricky at first but if you do it a few times you’ll understand it is quite easy.

You basically make a Normal tier equipment and dismantle it to get the material back. This way you can easily advance the quest which gives you tons of materials with each completion. You just fly through each quest and unlock all the higher tier blueprint.

  • 10+ equipment gets you green tier blueprints,
  • 16+ starts giving you blue tier prints
  • 45+ gets you purple tier prints.

Note: This method is quite risky as there is no way of getting used blueprints back. The game may add that option later on but currently, if it’s gone, it’s gone for good. (Gray prints mostly while others have next to none drop rate from Lohar)

Forging Method

This is the slower but safer method

You make one equipment at a time with the materials you produce per day. Using this method, you won’t be getting the higher tier blueprints anytime soon but if you play like a week or so, you can have over 3-5 green tier equipment on a single commander.

Focus producing one material at a time and it’ll be done before you know it in the early days, but starts taking a while from blue or purple tier material.


  • The blacksmith can produce equipment materials, combine blueprints and materials to forge equipment used by commanders, and also to dismantle equipment.
  • To forge a piece of equipment, you must spend a blueprint, a set of required materials (all of the same quality), and a small amount of gold.
  • Material and gold requirements will vary based on desired equipment type, quality, etc.
  • If you are missing something required for forging, you can click on the missing blueprint or material to see where to find more.
  • When the required materials, blueprint and gold coins are all sufficient, forging will be successful.
  • After forging a piece of equipment, it will appear on the Equipment page of the Item interface.
  • Each time you forge equipment, there is a chance to gain exclusive talent effects from one of five talents (Infantry, Cavalry, Archer, Integration, and Leadership).
  • When equipment with an exclusive talent effect is worn by a commander who has that talent tree, the item’s attribute bonuses are increased by 30%. After the equipment is successfully forged, you can equip it in the Commander interface.
  • Equipment worn by secondary commanders in battle will not trigger any special effects.

Special Talent

special talent

When crafting material, there will be a chance that you can enhance the equipment even further (Randomly triggers).

What this does is that if a commander with that said talent wears that item, the item will be enhanced evermore.

For example, if equipment gives a 3% attack, the enhancement will give it another 1% attack and you’ll be getting a 4% attack in total.
Note: it is 30% of that said equipment’s stat boost.

So be sure to pick the right one for the right commander. (You can click on the talents and check if you like it. If not, simply press the back button to check the other talent.)

Set Bonuses

Some equipments come with set bonuses.

For the time being, the game has 2 sets, both focused on cavalry they are called Windswept and Vanguard set. These set basically gives you a bit more stats to what you have currently.


I’ve thought of a few sets of basic equipments you can start using right away for your commanders, just the basic stuff.

Should take around 1 week to get like 2-3 of them and rest takes a bit of a time to complete it.


Cavalry (2-set)Archer (0-set)Infantry (1-set)
WeaponVanguard HalberdStaff of the LostStaff of the Lost
HelmAbyssal Visage (Ignore)Helm of the PhoenixIron Helm
ChestInfantry BreastplateChainmailInfantry Breastplate
GlovesWindswept BracesSaint’s SongWindswept Braces
LegsVanguard GreavesRanger TrouserRanger Trouser
BootWindswept BootsSturdy BootsWindswept Boots
Time32 day 6 hour (No helm)40 day 18 hour50 day 0 hour
Equipment List by Shinchi42


Do equipment stats stack if both primary and secondary commanders are wearing them?


Should I make one set of equipment for each commander?

For the time being, no, work on one at a time.

I can’t find the equipment quest

Follow the steps: Build the blacksmith ➡️ Reboot the Game ➡️ on top left corner (under the profile icon) click on the quest ➡️ Side Quest (scroll all the way down) ➡️ the quest will be there (Apprentice Blacksmith).

I dismantled all my gray equipment, how do I get them back?

For the time being you don’t (May or may not change in the future)

Is rallying Lohar to get equipment blueprint a good idea?

Not really the drop rate is terrible, focus on Kingdom vs. Kingdom instead.

Do stalker boss drop blueprints?

Yes they do, the drop rate is terrible and you can only get them from picking it up from the boxes it drops.

Why is there no good equipment for Infantry and Archer?

They’ll probably add it later.

Does the equipment bonus work on Sunset Canyon?

No one can answer as of now, that is due to the bonus isn’t much and not making a big game-changing effect as of it. Once the higher tier equipments are made, it’ll be easier to figure out hopefully.

I honestly hope this guide was helpful, took me quite some time to compile it all and write it down. But the subject is honestly too big and I may have missed many things. Do point it out so that I can add it up and again hopefully it helped you out.

Remember: Common materials aren’t really common in this game

How to Build / Forge Equipment from the Blacksmith [ Special Talent ] | Rise of Kingdoms

BLACKSMITH : Equipment List Guide | Rise of Kingdoms

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