Edward of Woodstock – The Black Prince Britain

An instant guide to Edward of Woodstock so that you can easily understand his skills, how he works and the best ways to make the most of him in Rise of Kingdoms!

edward of woodstock

Edward of Woodstock

Britain Britain| The Black Prince
Archer Archer | Versatility Versatility| Skill Skill

Edward of Woodstock’s Skills


Archer’s Honor Active Deals massive damage to a single target (Damage Factor 1500, 750 if this commander is serving as a secondary commander). Once used, it will reduce the rage of Edward’s troops by 300 (cannot drop below 0 rage).Direct Damage Factor: 1500/1700/1900/2200/2500

Damage Factor (When Secondary Commander) 750/850/950/1100

The active skill has a high damage factor, so it’s best to use Edward as a primary commander to maximize his high damage factor.

If he is used as a secondary commander, the damage factor is reduced by a lot.

What is unique about Edward is his high rage cost to activate his active skill with high damage factor as a primary commander and he will reduce his own rage of 300 per skill cast.

Vengeful Crusade Passive Increases archer units health by 10% and march speed by 10% while troops are on the map.Archer Health Bonus:


Archer March Speed Bonus:


Increasing up to 30% of Archer’s HP + March Speed at level 5 is literally a lot! Edward is made to go crazy with Archers!

Crecy’s Campaign Passive When the army led by this commander contains only archer units, increases skill damage by 5% and increases damage dealt to Infantry units by archer units by 1%.Skill Damage Bonus:
5%/10%/15%/20%/25%Damage To Infantry Units Increased By

So make sure you have only archer units, no mix troops in here to make the most of him. You need to, also, focus on the Archer path in the talent tree to boost the Archers furthermore.

Initially, Archers are already stronger than Infantry. Here, you will get even more power against the most used type of troops, the Infantry.

Limoges’ Ambush Passive When army led by this commander is at 70% strength or higher, increases attack of archer units by 15% and decreases defense by 10%.Upgrade Attack Bonus


The way you want to play with Edward of Woodstock is not going to go too deep down to the enemy territories.

If you want to maximize this skill,  you want to always have your army at 70%+ of HP percent.

A trick for you to use is to go is in and out of the city or the flag to refresh the army health bar. This way you will always have the HP staying above 70%.


Limoges’ Ambush Expertise Increase normal attack and counterattack damage by 50% for 2 seconds after using a skill.

This is an outstanding skill but it is also a bit tricky, depending on the commanders you want to couple with Edward. You can earn tons of buffs If your secondary commander is great when having active skill gets casted frequently.

Edward of Woodstock’s Talent Trees


Full Archer Skill Tree for Edward of Woodstock
Full Archer Skill Tree for Edward of Woodstock

This is the talent tree for full Archer squad. We already know that once you have full Archers here with Edward, you will benefit from it A LOT.  You get a bunch of bonuses from his skills. Having full Archers is always the top priority.

Building up the Skill Path like this helps you regenarate more Rage faster, making the most of his high damage factor active skill.

Tomyris Combo Skill Tree for Edward
Nuker GG Mode for Edward of Woodstock

We don’t unlock the Rejuvenate here to not allow Edward to regain a lot of rage. This is because while using Tomyris, you do not want to cast the active skill a lot as it resets the poison stack.

Doing this helps you stack as much poison as you can and then cast an active skill to maximize the output damage.

Nuker GG Mode for Edward of Woodstock
Nuker GG Mode for Edward of Woodstock

This build focuses more on his active skill rather than Archers.

Edward of Woodstock Commander Guide [Walk Through] Tomyris Partner | Rise of Kingdoms

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