Edward of Woodstock & Tomyris Skills Revealed

Hi guys,

Yesterday, Cheesecake, a Lilith Employee has revealed the main abilities of the new Commanders, Tomyris and Edward of Woodstock.

Edward of Woodstock & Tomyris
Edward of Woodstock & Tomyris

Tomyris: Archer Archer, Conquering Conquering, Attack Attack

Edward of Woodstock: Archer Archer, Versatility Versatility, Skill Skill

And probably one of the Tomyris’s skills is:

  • “When attacking cities, increases normal attack damage by 10% and decrease counterattack damage by 10%”.

More details will be revealed in the next week! Follow our website to get updated!

The new commanders will be introduced very soon in September, alongside a huge update!

Can’t wait!

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