Ceroli Crisis Guide & How to Defeat All Bosses!

A complete guide that helps you defeat all of the bosses from the event Ceroli Crisis Event in Rise of Kingdoms with ease. Best tips for combats and skills choosing included.

Ceroli Crisis Rise of Kingdoms

Ceroli Crisis Event Introduction

Far in the north, there is an ancient and mysterious barbarian kingdom – Ceroli.

The Kingdom of Ceroli has been isolated from the civilized world for ages. But recently, almost all governors of the kingdoms received a request for aid.

A military coup appears to be underway. Powerful generals of Ceroli have surrounded the capital and tried to force the king from his throne, intending to put another member of the royal family in his place. But the king, in his desperation, made the decision to break with centuries of tradition. he has called for outside help! On the king’s orders, his servants and advisors have journeyed to every corner of the world, seeking warriors that might come to their king’s aid in his hour of need.

How to Play

Brave warriors from different kingdoms are randomly matched together in a brand new map to fight a battle of epic proportions. Deploy your most powerful troop and with your teammates by your side, take down the treacherous general that stands before you. After the crisis has been resolved, the king of Ceroli will reward each Governor based on their performance.


  1. Participation Requirements: Event open to all Governors at City Hall level 10 or higher.
  2. Difficulty: Governors can pick a general and any difficulty they want to challenge from the main event panel. Each difficulty has a minimum Power requirement which must be reached before starting the challenge.
  3. Invites: Governors can tap Invite to share a challenge invitation link to other Governors in any chat channel, and likewise join another Governor’s challenge through their invitation link. *Governors who have not yet reached the Power requirement will not be able to challenge through the link provided.
  4. Matchmaking: During the event, Governors can be matched cross-kingdoms and must confirm by tapping on a button once the matchmaking process is complete. All participants will enter the battlefield automatically once everyone is ready.
  5. Challenge Rules: The basic rules of battle are essentially the same as in normal map battles. Governors on the battlefield will not be permitted to leave battle once the general has been activated, not until one side has been completely wiped out. The general will reset to their starting status once all Governors’ troops are completely wiped out, but Governors can still keep on challenging. Each Governor can only dispatch one troop per battlefield.
  6. Units: Governors can dispatch the same troop strength as in the outside world during the event. All wounded units will be immediately healed once the battle has ended.
  7. Rewards and Rewards Chances: Governors can defeat generals to earn corresponding rewards. For the duration of each event, Governors can challenge any general an unlimited number of times, but can only earn reward from each general three times, no matter the difficulty challenged. This restriction is removed the next time the event opens up again. Governors who deal less than 1% damage will not be eligible for a reward Those who leave mid way are ineligible for a reward. The more damage dealt to a general, the better the odds of receiving even more extra rewards.


Ceroli Crisis Bosses

The event has 5 Bosses (at the moment) Torgny, Keira, Frida, Ak & Hok, and Astrid. Each boss has different abilities and mechanics.

They have the same reward and drop in the same difficulty levels. The drop is random, the coin reward is the same and we can attack the boss 1 time regardless of the Difficulty we choose.


Torgny is the most recent of the “Ceroli Crisis” bosses. His difficulty level is pretty high so we must know his skills work before facing him:

IconSkill Name


Royal BloodlineAfter being in battle for 420 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%
Flametongue’s KissSpend 1500 rage to deal direct damage to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area (Damage Factor 2000), decreasing the march speed of all targets who took damage from this skill by 30% for 5 seconds.
Saint Elmo’s FireWhile in normal form, after the battle has lasted for 30 seconds, incoming attacks have a 100% chance to provoke a circular area of effect attack centered on this commander, taking place after 8 seconds and dealing direct damage to all enemies in the area (Damage Factor 5000). Cannot move while this skill is in use. Can trigger at most once every 40 seconds.
Earth-shattering RoarWhen attacked, there is a 50% chance to deal direct damage to the attacker (Damage Factor 1400). This skill can trigger once every 15 seconds.
Force of a Thousand StormsWhen Torgny’s troops are reduced to 75% or 50% units remaining, he will enter the Thunder Form for 30 seconds. While in Thunder Form, Torgny cannont move, is invulnerable, and will unleash an attack that deals huge damage multiple times to all governors’ troop after a few seconds. After entering Thunder Form, Torgny will choose a random enemy to target, and after a set amount of time will unleash a circular area of effect attack centered on that target, dealing direct damage to all enemies in the area (Damage Factor 2000). At the same time, Torgny will summon his guardian, who will leave behind a protective veil when defeated. Troops inside the veil become immune to damage from Torgny.
Thunderous CurseWhen Torgny’s troops are reduced to 25% units remaining, he will enter the Tempest Form for the rest of combat. When attacked in Tempest Form, Torgny will inflict a stackable debuff on the attacker, increasing the damage they take by 8% for 15 seconds. This effect can stack up to 40 times, refreshing the duration with each new stack. While in the Tempest Form, Torgny will choose a random enemy to target every so often, and after a set amount of time will unleash a circular area of effect attack centered on that target, dealing direct damage to all enemies in the area (Damage Factor 1000). At the same time, Torgny will summon his guardian, who will leave behind a protective veil when defeated. Troops inside the veil remove any debuffs inflicted by Torgny.

Tricks and Tips for Torgny

  • Recommended Lineup: Tank, DPS, DPS, Healer.
  • Only the Tank must face Torgny to take the damage from “Flametongue’s Kiss
  • When Torgny signals the launch of “Saint Elmo’s Fire” in a circular way, we must avoid this damage by crossing the limit marked by the skill. Then we continue fighting.

His most deadly skill is “Force of a Thousand Storms“. You must be careful!

Torgny will mark one of our allies and in which he will invoke a guardian which needs to be killed quickly. When the guardian dies, he will leave a protective dome in which we must enter during the time that “Force of a Thousand Storms” is active.

This damage is impossible to take, if you do not seek protection, you will die almost instantly.

Thunderous Curse“, his last skill, will be activated once Torgny has reduced his power to 25%.

In this phase, he will apply a strong debuff per second to our troops that increases the damage caused by Torgny, at the same time he will summon some guardians that will also provide a protective dome, within it, we completely clean the debuff and reset its stack to 0.

It’s important in this last phase of Torngy to attend to the guardians and the debuff stack since our troops will be more weakened and we need to resist their last attacks.

Always try to evade his skill “Royal Bloodline“, it’s a matter of time and DPS.


She is the first of the Bosses and has a series of fairly easy Skills that only require our team coordination.



Skill Name


CJ.jpgCurse of JealousyChoose a target at random that is attacking you. After 3 seconds, deal area of effect damage in a small area centered on the target. Enemies who take damage from the skill take 50% extra damage for 20 seconds.
ED.jpgEndless DuskEvery 55 seconds after the battle starts, there will be a brief warning followed by a rain of arrows covering the entire map for 8 seconds. Damage caused by the arrows will increase for every second they rain down.

Royal Bloodline

After being in battle for 420 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%

R.jpgRuthlessnessDeal massive damage (Damage factor 500) to the target.
CW.jpgCeroli WarriorWhen attacked, there is a chance to summon guardians (cooldown 10 seconds). The guardians have an active ability which deal damage to a single target.
CE.jpgCeroli ExecutionerWhen attacked, there is a chance to summon elite guardians (cooldown 10 seconds). Elite Guardians have an active ability which deals damage to up to 3 targets in a forward-facing cone and heals some wounded troops.

Strategy for Keira

Once we start the combat, Keira will soon activate the “Course of Jealousy” Ability which will mark one of team members to inflict certain damage in a certain area that may affect our allies, we must stay away from them as much as possible.

Each army affected by this will take 50% extra damage from any attack in the next 20 seconds.

The guardians of Keira will not stop attacking you, they will be summoned every 10 seconds by the skill “Ceroli Warrior”. The skill will even summon an Elite Guardian that will cause much more damage. For this, we must use some AoE damage commander, or simply use the Tank to deal with all of them at once.


The most effective skill of Keira and the one that requires our greatest focus is “Endless Dusk”. For every 55s, Keira will give a warning to everyone to get to the bubbles appearing on the map because he will launch a rain of arrows, inflicting a lot of damage.

You must get into the bubble as fast as possible otherwise you will be quickly taken out of the battle.

The boss must be defeated before the 420s, otherwise, she will activate “Royal Bloodline” and GG WP.

frida boss


An Ice Queen that will do a lot of AoE damage, we just need to dodge.



Skill Name


BR.jpgBlade of RimeWhile in Normal Form, expend 2500 Rage and deal damage to All enemies in a forward-facing fan shaped area.
AE.jpgArctic ExpanseWhenever attacked, there’s a chance to deal delayed area damage underneath a random target
FS.jpgFreezing SealFrida Starts the battle in a Normal Form. After 90 seconds, Frida enters the Frozen Form, making her invincible while reducing her attack by 50%. The form lasts for 60 seconds.
RA.jpgRelentless AssaultAfter entering Frozen Form, continuously summons troops to attack Governors. On HARD Difficulty or above, normal attacks of summoned elite troops deal area damage (Damage factor 200) to all targets in a forward-facing fan-shapped area nearby their primary target.
FG.jpgFreezing GaspFridas summoned troops have a 30% chance to debuff their targets on normal attacks, reducing their defense by 5% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 15% times.
TP.jpgThawing PointWhen Frozen Form ends, deals area damage multiple times in a circular area, Fridan then reverts back to Normal form but increases all damage taken by 50% for 60 seconds.
BD.jpgBlades of DefrostThe troops led and summoned by Frida deal reduce damage to infantry units
RB.jpgRoyal BloodlineAfter being in battle for 600 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%.


It is recommended to use Cavalry or Archers on this Boss, since it has an ability that its summoned units reduce the damage of our Infantry.

Starting the battle against Frida, her first ability “Arctic Expanse” is damage that we must take to avoid wasting time and is caused by the continuous damage we do to her.

She will mark a random point within her attack range with the skill “Blade of Rime”. You must dodge this skill must dodge.

Screenshot_20200715-122842_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

When Frida goes to her Frozen Form ¨Freezing Seal¨, after 90 seconds of battle, go to the opposite corner vertically of the map to have the summons of the ability “Relentless Assault” as close as possible and thus avoid fewer losses among all since these summons have “Freezing Gasp” skill, which will reduce the defense of your troops to a maximum of 15%.

After 60 seconds, Frida will cast the “Thawing Point” Skill and return to her normal form. Stay away from this skill as fast as you can due to the huge damage it has. This is the reason why we must her at the corner to reduce the AoE of this skill. She will cast it 3 times in a row. After that, get to her as fast as possible as she now takes 50% more incoming damage in 60 seconds, You must take advantage of this to avoid falling into its “Royal Bloodline” that can be fatal.

Ak & Hok

The twin brothers, for many the more complicated, however, require a lot of concentration.



Skill Name


SC.jpgSkybreaker CometGenerals with Moon Power can spend 1000 Rage to damage their current target. Plus additional damage to targets tagged with a Sun Power marker.
SA.jpgSilverhook AxeTroops under generals with Moon Power take 50% less damage from archers and 50% more damage from cavalry.
SM.jpgStarfall MightCommanders with Moon Power have a 70% chance of delaying damage to their present location when attacked and also releasing area damage on all target troops after 6 seconds. The use of this skill exposes commanders with Moon Power to 50%
CT.jpgCircle of TreacheryGenerals with Moon Power have a 30% chance of causing circular area damage with each attack, which radiates out from a central location on the map after a short delay. The circle will expand again for another burst of delayed damage, and then one final time damage on all.
BG.jpgBurning GloryGenerals with Sun Power can spend 1000 Rage to damage up to 3 targets in a circular area. Damage is shared equally between all targets struck except for targets tagged with a Moon Power marker, which receive additional damage.
GC.jpgGolden CrusherTroops under generals with Sun Power take 50% less damage from Cavalry and 50% more damage from Archers.
JD.jpgJudgment DayGenerals with Moon Power have an 20% chance of silencing their attacker for 5 seconds when attacked. Cooldown is 10 seconds.
SS.jpgSundown SmashGenerals with Sun Power have an 80% chance of summoning a Kamikaze Sentinel when attacked. The Sentinel will attempt to move to another general’s location where it will explode damaging all surrounding targets and increasing all damage dealt by Ak.
AT.jpgAstral TwinsAk and Hok draw on a common pool of health. Ak uses Sun Power at the start of battle wheres Hok uses Moon Power. The twin brothers will exchange powers at every 90 seconds intervale before continuing their fight.
SR.jpgScarred RevengerAnyone hit by the active skill of a general with Sun Power will be tagged with a Sun Power marker for 120 seconds. Anyone hit by the active skill of general with Moon Power will be tagged with a Moon Power marker for 120 seconds. General’s active skills deal increased.
RB.jpgRoyal BloodlineAfter being in battle for 300 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%.


It’s essential to use Archers and Cavalry in for this matchup, since our attack will be increased 50% more against each one.

We must have 2 governors with Archers towards the right general of the Sun and 2 more governors towards the left general of the Moon with Cavalry.

Start the attack at the same time so as to have them separated as much as possible, we must even separate them so when he invokes his Kamikaze “Sundown Smash”,  we will have time to destroy it since it goes slowly from the Sun to the Moon.

Screenshot_20200715-123123_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

From time to time, both will launch their abilities of direct damage, which we can bear, don’t stop attacking them as the “Royal Bloodline” needs only 300 seconds to be released.

Generals affected by the Moon power will have 30% of activating the ability “Circle of Treachery” which causes a lot of damage in area and is cast in a short time 3 times in a row. You must try to get away from these circles that come out on the ground to avoid as much damage as possible since it can easily take you out of combat.

Pay attention to the “Astral Twins” when it is launched since the brothers exchange powers and we must also do it with our armies to continue benefiting from our extra damage and continue with a single Debuff to reduce damage and certain extra abilities such as “Scarred Revenger”, the remaining abilities are minimal damages that will be increased if we don’t do the right thing, so it is always necessary to have coordination between allies to easily defeat twins.


Our last challenge, the Warrior Astrid made for Battle.



Skill Name


SV.jpgSpear VolleyWhile in Spear Stance, expend 2000 Range and deals direct damage to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area.
PW.jpgPuncture WoundsWhile in Spear Stance, any target struck by Astrid´s skills will be debuffed for 60 seconds (increased the target´s Continuous Damage Taken by 500%). This effect can stack, and each stack will refresh the duration of the entire stack. This effect cannot be removed.
WF.jpgWays of FireWhile in Spear Stance, whenever attacked there is a chance to randomly select a target, and after 8 seconds Astrid charges at her target for 7 seconds. If Astrid succesfully hits that target during her charge, she deals damage to all targets in that target´s nearby.
ES.jpgEarth ShatterWhile in Club Stance, expende 2000 Rage and deal continuous area damage to all enemies in a forward-facing fan-shaped area, lasts for 3 seconds
IA.jpgIntimidating AuraWhile in Club Stance, whenerver attacked there´s a chance to Silence the target for 3 seconds.
BW.jpgBroken WingsWhile in Club Stance, increases all damage dealth by 20%, but also increases all damage taken by 50%.
WS.jpgWeapon SwapAt battle start, Astrid will use a spear to Battle. After being in Spear Stance for 60 Seconds, Astrid will switch to Club Stance. After being in Club Stance for 60 seconds, Astrid will switch to Spear Stance.
RB.jpgRoyal BloodlineAfter being in battle for 300 seconds, all damage dealt is increased by 10000%.


With Astrid we must use a basic formation, 1 Tank, 1 Support and 2 DPS.

We place the Tank in front of the Chief and all the other Governors go to the back to inflict damage without problems.

Astrid will launch a volley of Spear “Spear Volley”, which will affect only the enemy in front of her, so we must avoid this attack as much as possible.

Screenshot_20200715-123351_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

However, he will quickly mark one of our allies randomly with the ability “Ways of Fire” by which we must flee far from Astrid since he will chase the targeted army, causing massive AoE damage with “Spear Volley” if he can hit the target, which will be a problem for the next phase. We must avoid Spear’s Stack as much as possible.

Then, he will change weapons to “Club Stance” where we will start attacking him but the ally who is affected by “Spear” must remain on the sidelines while this effect lasts if he wants to survive, since the massive attack by “Club Stance” would destroy overwhelmingly our troops. Once this effect removed, we can continue causing damage until it changes back to “Spear Stance” and we return to our base lineup, continuously until we defeat him.

Abilities and Role Selection


Here we will have a wide choice of skills among 3 types of Roles (Tank, DPS, or Support).

You must select the most appropriate for each situation as we have already said, here are some tips for you:

  • Always have a Tank, you will be able to deal with the Boss and the direct damage from abilities for much longer.
  • The Tank must use its “Taunt” ability at all times so that the boss does not cause direct damage to his allies and they are not forced to withdraw from the battle quickly.
  • Always have at least one DPS dispatch and that selects the “Emergency Healing” Skill that restores 5% of the units and has a fairly short cooldown, so at all times the Role DPS will be at its maximum potential.
  • If you have a Support, you must be very cautious since all of the skills will help us in one way or another. My advice is to go for the AoE healings to benefit all of the allies in the battle. Mainly skills such as “Healing Light” and “Dazzling Land” although they consume a lot of furies, it reaches the sufficient thing to activate it in critical moments.
  • DPSs use direct damage abilities to weaken the Boss faster, however, Abilities like: “Controlled Rage” or “Savage Attack” will help unleash an extra frenzy of our commanders increasing all our generated Fury and our damage.

In short, we can use a variety of skills that will depend on our Commanders and Roles, all at our choice, even repeating Role as having more than 2 DPS can be effective.

Ceroli Crisis Shop

Screenshot_20200715-122424_Rise of Kingdoms.jpg

Finally, some advice focused on what you should buy in the Ceroli Crisis.

This is not a logical order, and simply the order you choose, but at least the fundamental thing that we must buy according to our coin profit depending on the difficulty.

Low-Medium Rewards

  • Blueprint Fragment
  • Keira Sculpture (New Epic Commander)
  • 60-Minutes Speedup

Medium-High Rewards

  • Golden Key
  • Territorial Teleport
  • Keira Sculpture (New Epic Commander)
  • Potions (if we want to establish Records, be on the Ranking table or make the battle much easier)

I hope this guide Ceroli Crisis is useful for you! More guide by Andy coming out soon!

Some New features

During update 1.0.39Ceroli Crisis” has used a new award to the MVP of each fight, a way to stimulate each player for their performance in each difficulty of the boss, Although it doesn’t provide an additional reward directly influencing each governor.

At the end of the fight, we can add as friends directly the participants who fought with us, in case we want to invite them to a party again.

At the same time, the general ranking system of the event has been expanded by bosses and the governors who have defeated the fastest each of these with their respective alignment and commanders.


Yi Seong-Gye YSG really shines here.

Khan is phenomenal for this game-mode. Raw damage is very powerful here.

Saladin is not very good here because we don’t need tanky here.

Ceroli Crisis Event Video Guide


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Have fun with the Ceroli Crisis Event in Rise of Kingdoms guys!

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