Quarries are sites where rocks or stones are produced. It is well-known that stone was widely used to make implements with edges and points during the so-called Stone Age. This era corresponded with a new chapter in technological prehistory.


  • The Quarry is one of the very first buildings in the game.
  • The Quarry produces Stone Stones overtime.
  • The Quarry is one of the four resource production buildings in Rise of Kingdoms beside Farm (for food), Goldmine (for gold) and Lumber Mill (for wood).
  • By upgrading the Quarry, you increase its production speed and the maximum Stone capacity.

Side Quests

Players can get the lots of rewards by upgrading the Quarry.

Upgrade Quarry to lv.1979,500Food 80,250Wood
Upgrade Quarry to lv.20119,250Food 120,250Wood
Upgrade Quarry to lv.22268,000Food 270,750Wood


 Quarry Level  Stone/Hr  Capacity  Power  Upgrade Requirements 
 City Hall Lv Cost Time 
13003,00054100Food 100Wood10s
23203,200104300Food 300 Wood1m
33503,500164500Food 500 Wood2m
43903,9003241.0KFood 1.0KWood5m
54354,3508852.0KFood 2.0KWood20m
64904,90019863.5KFood 3.5KWood40m
75505,50038775.3KFood 5.3KWood1h 10m
86206,20062788.0KFood 8.0KWood1h 27m
97107,100934912.0KFood 12.0KWood1h 48m
108258,2501,3511018.0KFood 18.0KWood2h 24m
119759,7501,9791127.5KFood 27.5KWood3h 36m
121,16011,6002,9261242.5KFood 42.5KWood5h 24m
131,39013,9004,1521365.0KFood 65.0KWood6h 43m
141,65016,5005,7081497.5KFood 97.5KWood8h 6m
152,02520,2507,69015147.5KFood 147.5KWood9h 40m
162,40024,00010,26016222.5KFood 222.5KWood11h 40m
172,77527,75014,00017335.0KFood 335.0KWood16h 40m
183,22532,25019,22018525.0KFood 525.0KWood21h 40m
193,75037,50026,26019800.0KFood 800.0KWood1d 3h
204,35043,50035,860201.2MFood 1.2MWood1d 9h
215,02550,25049,300211.8MFood 1.8MWood1d 19h
225,85058,50067,780222.7MFood 2.7MWood2d 5h
236,75067,50094,060234.1MFood 4.1MWood2d 22h
247,80078,000132,500246.3MFood 6.3MWood3d 21h