Lumber Mill

The Lumber Mill

Forests are gifts from Mother Nature, and the lumber mill is where we make our own treasures out of wood. However, due to excessive deforestation, this precious property of mankind is quickly disappearing. Maybe it’s time to stop now, what do you say?


  • The Lumber Mill is one of the very first buildings in the game.
  • The Lumber Mill produces Wood Woods overtime.
  • The Lumber Mill is one of the four resource production buildings in Rise of Kingdoms beside Farm (for food), Goldmine (for gold) and Quarry (for stone).
  • By upgrading the Lumber Mill, you increase its production speed and the maximum Wood capacity.

Side Quests

Players can get the lots of rewards by upgrading the Lumber Mill.

Upgrade Lumber Mill to lv.1942,250Food 30,500Stone
Upgrade Lumber Mill to lv.2064,750Food 45,500Stone
Upgrade Lumber Mill to lv.22146,500Food 103,750Stone

Farm LevelWoodWood/HrCapacityPowerUpgrade Requirements
City Hall Lv.CostTime
14004,00051100 Food2s
24304,300112200 Food15s
34704,700182300 Food60s
45205,200282500 Food1m 30s
66506,5006861.8KFood 1.0KStone10m
77307,30015072.7KFood 1.6KStone30m
88308,30030984.0KFood 2.6KStone1h
99509,50054996.0KFood 4.2KStone1h 30m
101,10011,000874109.0KFood 6.6KStone2h
111,30013,0001,3661115.0KFood 10.0KStone3h
121,55015,5002,0321222.5KFood 15.0KStone4h
131,85018,5003,0491335.0KFood 22.5KStone6h 7m
142,20022,0004,4191452.5KFood 35.0KStone8h 3m
152,70027,0006,1761580.0KFood 52.5KStone10h
163,20032,0008,57616120.0KFood 80.0KStone13h 20m
173,70037,00011,89617180.0KFood 120.0KStone18h 3m
184,30043,00016,24618275.0KFood 200.0KStone22h 13m
195,00050,00021,96619425.0KFood 300.0KStone1d 4h
205,80058,00029,84620650.0KFood 450.0KStone1d 12h
216,70067,00040,21121975.0KFood 675.0KStone1d 20h
227,80078,00054,646221.5MFood 1.0MStone2d 10h
239,00090,00074,946232.2MFood 1.6MStone3d 6h
2410,400104,000103,446243.5MFood 2.5MStone4d 1h
2520,800208,000143,19625 –