It is impossible for us to know the exact date that humans first began to mine gold, but those sparkling artifacts have been the symbol of nobility for thousands of years. From the oldest known goldmine in what is now the nation of Georgia to modern mining machines, the charm of gold never dies.

The Farm’s Summary

  • The Goldmine is unlocked at Town Hall 10.
  • It is one of the four main resource buildings in Rise of Kingdoms beside Quarry (for Stone), Lumber Mill (for Wood) and Farm (for Food).
  • The building Goldmine produces Gold overtime.
  • You need to tap on the Goldmine to collect Gold after a preriod of time.
  • By upgrading the Farm, you increase its Good Production Speed, Max Food Capacity and the overall Power.

Side Quests

Players can get the lots of rewards by upgrading the Goldmine.

Upgrade Goldmine to lv.18154,000Food 155,500Wood 210,000Stone
Upgrade Goldmine to lv.19231,000Food 233,000Wood 316,000Stone

Upgrading Requirements

Goldmine Level Stone/HrCapacityPower Upgrade Requirements
City Hall LvCostTime
12002,000610500Food 500Wood10s
22152,15019101.0KFood 1.0KWood4m
32352,35046102.0KFood 2.0KWood8m
42602,600100103.8KFood 3.8KWood 2.5KStone13m 20s
52902,900219106.8KFood 6.8KWood 5.0KStone32m
63253,2504011011.5KFood 11.5KWood 12.0KStone41m 40s
73653,6506991017.3KFood 17.3KWood 19.2KStone1h 12m
84154,150   1,3351026.0KFood 26.0KWood 30.8KStone1h 40m
94754,750   1,7581039.0KFood 39.0KWood 49.2KStone2h 13m
105505,5002,6681058.5KFood 58.5KWood 78.7K3h 3m
116506,5003,9841190.0KFood 90.0KWood 120.0KStone4h 8m
127757,7505,95812135.0KFood 130.0KWood 180.0KStone6h 13m
139259,2508,67813202.5KFood 202.5KWood 280.0KStone7h 38m
141,10011,00012,45414305.0KFood 305.0KWood 405.0KStone9h 19m
151,35013,50017,70715457.5KFood 457.5KWood 607.5KStone11h 7m
161,60016,00025,12616687.5KFood 687.5KWood 912.5KStone13h 25m
171,85018,50036,126171.0MFood 1.0MWood 1.4MStone19h 10m
182,15021,50052,139181.6MFood 1.6MWood 2.1MStone1d
192,50025,00075,230192.3MFood 2.3MWood 3.1MStone1d 7h
202,90029,000108,850203.5MFood 3.5MWood 4.7MStone1d 14h
213,35033,500158,176215.3MFood 5.3MWood 7.1MStone2d 2h
223,90039,000230,233227.9MFood 7.9MWood 10.6MStone2d 13h
234,50045,000336,7502311.8MFood 11.8MWood 15.9MStone3d 9h
245,20052,000495,2062417.8MFood 17.8MWood 24.0MStone4d 11h