5 Best Epic Commanders for F2P Players

best epic commanders

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Best Epic Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Not in any order!

Poll: What is the best Epic Commander?

sun tzuSun Tzu

A great commander due to his abilities to cast an AoE and enhance skill damage from his skills. not only he is an offensive commander he is also a good defense for Flag/Garrison.

He has a great AoE skill. When you go into the battlefield, it’s going to be a big battle you want to inflict as much damage as you can.

I would keep him as the second commander to Eulji for the battlefield. Keep him around at 4 stars and maybe level 30.

You can either keep him as a secondary if you don’t want to invest a lot of basically XP and stars on him but if you really want to use him as a Garrison Commander, Flag Defense, just go ahead make it six stars for Sun Tzu. Because you can benefit a lot.

But If you want to spend a little more money if you’ve grown as a free-to-play player, I would rather invest in YSG for the same job. But if you just invest in Epic Commanders, I highly suggest using Sun Tzu for Fag Defense and Garrison Defense.


Eulji Mundeok

He is an offensive-minded commander, similar to Sun Tzu, a commander that can reduce the enemies defense by using water attack. Using Eulji as a primary is almost a must, pairing him with Sun Tsu gives you a great partnership.

You can actually focus on Eulji first and then go onto Sun Tzu second because Eulji is one of the rare Epic Heroes that you definitely want to get to six stars and then get him to level 60.

The reason behind this due to his talent tree. I strongly recommend you follow this build first when you starting out leveling him up. This build gives Eulji more rage for using his skill and then for his second commander as well.

eulji talent tree early

I would pair him with Sun Tzu and they could cast those skills a lot faster. And this is also the reason why we’re going to put Eulji as a primary commander rather than Sun Tzu as a primary.

Even though Sun Tzu has that Skills path, we want to activate the skills a lot faster by using the build above. When you’re getting attacked, the rages are going to just increase incrementally a lot faster.

effortless talent

Also, this Effortless talent is going to increase all damage maximum every 10 seconds. You really want to have this talent because the longer you stay on the battlefield, the stronger your army becomes.

Start off with the Effortless talent because, in the early stages of the game, you usually cannot do much on the PvP. You’re usually just farming in the beginning. This stage is probably the best time for you to go to PvP If you have Eulji. Effortless is probably the most crucial talent that helps you fight against other players prior to level 40.

Make sure only focus on one commander first at a time, don’t be focusing on two or three Epic/Legendary commanders at a time otherwise, you will never have enough resources for them all.


Joan of Arc

Simply because we need a gatherer to balance this out, we cannot only assume of PvP for the best commanders. In addition, Joan is the good supporting commander for most Epic commanders. If you do decide on using Joan as a primary, you can’t go wrong with that either. I would focus on integration/support path.

Farming being a free-to-play player, you need to farm a lot and a lot faster than other players. If you really want to be a true f2p grinder, we’re putting Joan of Ark on the list mainly because of Gathering.

She is super versatile. You can pair her with any Commander on this list and she will rock the world.

Also, if you actually focus on Joan of Arc as the first commander, you can also use her as a fighter. Majority of Joan of Arc skills are involved in PvP rather than gathering.

Joan of Arc is an amazing support commander. As a free-to-play player, you’re coming into the battlefield, sending Joan of Arc to help out other pay-to-win players.

Hermann is another great support commander as sending him in the battlefield could disable a commander. He is one of the good choices as well but I don’t think he is going to be on the top 5 as F2P players usually focus on mixed troops rather than Archers.



One of the most unique commanders in the game! Boudica is really good for any type of units.

F2P players pretty much will have mixed type of troops or fall back to mixed troops after a long battle. If you only focus on those commanders, who are specialized into one specific type of troops, you are doomed. You won’t have a good buff for the mixture.

Her first skill contains damage, debuff and disable. Boudica also has heal and rage restoration. Being a Peacekeeper and giving 20% additional exp bonus is a big deal that ranks her up into the top 5!

Her skills are primarily focused on offense, she can deal great damage to Barbarians and neutral units. She is also a good overall offensive commander. She would be both good to be a primary or a secondary to Scipio, Eulji and many other Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

scipio africanus

Scipio Africanus

I would say Scipio Africanus by far the best Epic commander and the best commander for a f2p.

The main reason is his leadership skill and talent. Most F2P in the early to the mid-game most likely will not have a full specific troop march and will rely on mix troops using leadership path on the talent F2P can benefit most out of this. In addition, bringing more troops in the field will give you a fighting chance.

I don’t want you guys to think that I’m neglecting other commanders like Herman, Pelagius, Lohar, etc. I’m just trying to be more realistic to what you guys are gonna fall back into once you start reducing your troops. When you have more units, you can set up for the full type of units on your march but the majority of the time, you usually have mixed troops.

Eulji + Sun Tzu is a great option for you If you are doing a full infantry guy. Scipio is the best epic commander for free to play players and moderate spenders using mixed troops. The reason behind this is the skill called Genuine Aristocracy. It increases the number of troops.

genuine aristocracy

You’re going to have higher damage output, longer battle time, you’re going to contribute a lot more than the other players.

Having mixed troops is going to be a little bit harder to counter than normal. Example, If you’re fighting against a full infantry and then you’re sending out mixed troops, it’s only countering a part of your troops.

Scipio also has a healing ability.

He has a 15% chance to heal slightly wounded units on the battlefield. When 60% of your units are gone, he’s going to start healing.

Military Life is the most crucial skill that Scipio has. It increases 25% damage to the counter-attack damage for five seconds, it’s basically freebie attack. He also reduces the damage taken from the enemy.

You can couple Scipio Africanus with Boudica, Joan of Arc and other commanders as well.

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