Best Commander Parings in Rise of Kingdoms

There are a lot of commander parings in Rise of Kingdoms. While many of them are extremely great, some others are very terrible parings, if not saying that they could even give you some negative impacts.

People have been discussing a lot about the best Primary/Secondary commander parings in the game since the beginning. And simonho has collected some of the best data out of those possible commander parings for us. He has nicely converted all of the long data sheets into a very digestible graph, helping us browse and read the data a lot easier.

Best Commander Parings in Rise of Kingdoms

The Best Commander Parings in Rise of Kingdoms

Below is the best form you could ever find for answering your “What are the best commanders to work with ____?” question!

See the Pen
Rise of Kingdoms commander pairings
by thatguywind (@thatguywind)
on CodePen.


Only supports Browsers on PC at the moment.

How To Use and Read the Graph?

  1. Choose the kind of commander paring tier list you want to see. There are version: Normal and Garrison.
  2. Choose the Source Data you want to read from in the Guide section.
  3. Hover the mouse on the Commander you want to use as the Primary commander. All of the best Secondary commanders for it will be shown up with detailed information.
  4. The more viable parings a Commander has, the bigger the bubble should be.
  5. Commanders are put in different categories: Legendary, Epic, Elite and Advanced.
  6. The thickness of the line between commanders describe the synergy of those two.
  7. Versatility = the amount of viable parings a commander has.
  8. Rank = how good the paring is. Rank 1 = best paring for those specific commanders.


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