Instant Alliance Guide for Beginners & F2Ps

As Alliance is definitely the most important part of Rise of Kingdoms, I want to cover the most important things you need to know about it first while playing the game.

More information will be getting updated over time to make sure you bookmark this page to comeback and read new contents in the future!

rise of civilizations alliance

Quick Alliance Guide for New Players

Alliance Features

  • Join Your First Alliance to receive 300 Gems.
  • Alliance help you save lots of time
  • Allies always support each other
  • Build Alliance Fortress to expand your territory
  • Occupy Holy Sites/Passes to Obtain Blessings

creating roc alliance

Creating Alliance in RoC

To join or create an Alliance, you need:

  • You need to have the Alliance Center.
  • You need to have 500 Gems.

Alliance Tag: 4 Unique Characters
This define your Alliance and usually be used as the short name version of your Alliance. People also use it 

Alliance Name: The name of your Alliance, of course.

Announcement: The short description of your Alliance.
You should include the language, minimum power requirement, Allies, Enemies and other important information here.

Requirement: Do you want to open the Alliance for everyone to join? Or you want them to apply first?

Language: The Language your Alliance use. Should be your native Language or English if your Alliance is international.

alliance fortress
Alliance Fortress

Alliance Fortress

RequirementsFortress 1Fortress 2Fortress 3
Resources*900KGold4.5MGold + 1.8MFood + 1.8MWood + 1.4MStone + 900KGold9.0MGold + 4.5MFood + 4.5Wood + 2.7MStone + 1.8MGold

* The resource requirements are depending on your Clan’s Architecture 1 level. I am assuming that it is at level 5 here.

How to Get Alliance Resources?

There are two main ways to get the resources (Food, Wood, Stone and Gold) for your Alliance:

  1. To occupy the Alliance Resource Deposits by building the Alliance Flags and capturing them within your Alliance territory.
  2. Having Alliance members farming inside the Alliance Territory. The Alliance will gain a certain x% of the resources farmed by members.
rise of civilizations alliance gold deposit
Alliance’s Gold Deposit

Ways to Get Alliance Credits

  • Alliance Help
  • Alliance Technology Donations
  • Building Alliance Constructions. This is the best way to gain a significant amount of Individual Alliance Credits Individual Alliance Credits for yourself.

How To Build Alliance Flags Efficiently?

  • Focus on resource rich arenas.
  • Try to capture Alliance Deposits.
  • Always surround your Alliance Fortress as they are the main defense for your Center Fortress.

Join a Top Alliance!

Shared by soysssauce

Join the top alliance where the whales is!

Please, please, please for the love of god, take this tip with you, and do everything you can to join a top alliance.

If you are not in the top alliance and you are free to play, you will get bullied, and you won’t have fun.

A kingdom’s history is written by top alliances, usually less than 5 (most likely 1-3). Get to the most powerful alliances you can.

You will be surprised by how willing they are to accept you.

Check out the gift levels of the alliance, the highest gift level one is usually the most powerful one.

Check out their least powered members, if your power is higher than theirs, most likely they will accept you.

Make a self-introduction, tell their rank 4 members (officers) that you are experienced players, you are p2p, you are very active, you are royal and you always help build flags.

Once you join them, participate in the chat, mingle with members, help answer questions, make friend with the members, especially the top members.

If you are F2P and you are in a top alliance, the benefit you receive will be equals to the dolphins. When the whales buy package, you get a share of their package too, and the top whales always buy those packages that gives golden chest.

To give you an idea, every day I woke up and got like 80 hours of speed up plus 2000 gem worth of golden package, plus some golden keys and a bunch other stuff.

On top of that, top alliances usually have more control of Shrines and maps. Those things give you research, training, building bonuses so you get more bang for your buck when you do those things.

Having a hard time joining the top alliance because your power is too low?

Create a jumpers account and start over.

A jumper’s account is where you start in a brand new server, and keep your city hall under 7, level up everything to the max, get all the rewards (including the one from the cave, if possible), and then jump that account to another brand new server.

It is best to create 2 jumper accounts at a time, one is your main and the other one is your farming account.

In your farming account, make sure you only focus on farming skills/commanders so that it can feed your main account.

I know a guy who is completely free to play and is a jumper, he was on the top 50 power ranking in our server for a while until he migrated out.

Don’t want your current progress to be wasted?

No problem, keep playing the current account and migrated this account to your successful server as another alt account when the kingdom is open for migration.

Please, join a good a good alliance. Have fun. Cheers.

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