Æthelflæd Guide – The Best Free Legendary Commander!

Æthelflæd  is right now the goddess of free to play players as you can purchase her sculptures right in the Expedition Store. She is the true life saver of enormous F2P Players.

Æthelflæd is the female warrior queen that has been key to the foundation of England. She is a strong, independent and well-educated lady but most importantly she brought victory for her people. She is Æthelflæd, Lady of the Mercians ?. Beside Alexander the Great, Æthelflæd was released in the huge June update.

aethelflaed rise of kingdoms


Rarity: Legendary
Britain Britain | Lady of the Mercians
LeadershipLeadership | Peace KeepingPeacekeeping | support Support

  • Background
  • Skills


Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians ruled Mercia in the English Midlands from 911 until her death. She was teh eldest daughter of Alfred the Great, king of the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex, and his wife, Ealhswith.

Aethelflaed was born around 870 at the height of the Viking invasions of England. On her husband’s death in 911, Aetheflaed became Myrcna hlaedige, “Lady of the Mercians”.

Aetheflaed was a great ruler who played an important part in the conquest of the Danelaw.

The accession of a female ruler in Mercia is described by the historian Ian Walker as “one of the most unique events in early medieval history”.

From Wikipedia

Arrow of Iron Active Deals damage to a single target and reduce the target’s attack, defense and health for 5 seconds. Next, deals damage in a front-facing cone to up to 5 enemies and reduces their attack, defense and health for 2 seconds.

Direct damage is decent but the 30% def & HP reduction open the huge nuking possibilities with the secondary commander

Direct Damage Factor:


Attack, Defense and Health Reduction:


Thunderous Force Passive  

Counterattack damage against your troops is reduced. When actively attacking, you have a 10% chance to reduce the movement speed of enemy cavalry and the movement speed of other troops. Slow effect lasts 3 rounds.

All that AoE with secondary AoE commander is devastating. Slowing effect against high march speed enemies.

Counterattack Damage Taken Reduction:


Cavalry March Speed Reduction:


Other Unit March Speed Reduction:


Synergy Passive All troops under your command gain attack against Barbarians and other neutral units, and all Commanders get EXP bonus.

Best Action Point saver with AoE secondary Commander.

Bonus Damage to Barbarians:


Experience Bonus:


Fortress of Mercia Passive  

When this Commander leads a rally attack, all armies joining the rally have higher troop limit. When this Commander is leading at least 3 different troop types, their damage is increased.

Rallied Army Capacity Bonus:


Bonus Damage (3 Unit Types):


Warrior Queen Passive Deal an extra 20% damage to enemies who have been slowed.

Flat 20% attack boost, which is pretty huge. Capacity Bonus is also excellent. We are all going to use different types of troops, right?


Æthelflæd’s active skill

Quick Review on Æthelflæd

1st Skill -- Arrow of Iron

The first skill can reduce the enemy’s defense and health at once. That does boost the damage factor of your skill by a lot. You can inflict more damage to them!

They are gonna hit you back with that attack reduction of 30%. That’s massive reduction.

2nd Skill -- Thunderous Force

When you hit the enemies, they are going to hit you back by a counter-attack. That counter-attack is going to be reduced up to 20%. Now you want to be actively attacking and it is not going to be a problem.

The enemy moving speed will also get reduced. This skill counters cavalry units.

  • Cavalry marching speed reduced by 50%.
  • Other troops marching speed reduced by 30%

This skill is really good for free-to-play players. It really helps our free-to-play players to counter Minamoto Cao Cao combo. The thing here is that this is a free commander, you get it from the Expedition’s so by just grinding that Expedition and collecting that Expedition coins, you can get Æthelflæd easily.

3rd Skill -- Synergy

Very generic skill that we’ve seen it from other Commanders. Excellent for defeating Barbarians and Forts.

It’s still really good for both free-to-play players and P2W players If you don’t want to keep buying that Living Legends bundles for those Tome of Knowledge level 4 books.

She is the only legendary commander that is actually going to give some experience bonus.

4th Skill -- Fortress of Mercia

Whenever she sets a rally, the person that are going to be joining you guys can bring more troops.

The rally capacity is not going to increase however.

It’s very good for P2W players that are gonna join your rally because then they can bring more Tier 5 units, meaning less people can join your rally, meaning you can fill up it a lot faster.

When this commander is leading at least three different troop types, their damage is increased by up to 20%. This is absolutely insane for a free Legendary commander.

Best Parings for Æthelflæd

She is a good pair for balbars Baibars because of his first skill, which is able to slow down the enemies.

belisarius Belisarius is another great option for Free-to-play players. His skill doesn’t have the slow down effects. However, he has a talent that has the chance to slow down the enemies. He also reduces the attack/defense of the enemies by 30%, which is pretty insane.

sun tzu Sun Tzu is also a good option for Free-to-play Players as he increases her attack damage by a lot.

richard i Richard and cao cao Cao Cao are also good options you want to consider as they have the speed reduction effect as well.

Recommended Talent Trees for Æthelflæd

Webview Version

First build is the Barbarians/Barbarian Forts Farming

This talent tree is for supporting on the battlefield

Talent Tree Images

aethelflaed barbarian talent tree
Aethelflaed’s Build for Barbarians/Barbarian Forts Farming -- Shared by DustStorm
Aethelflaed's Build for Barbarians/Barbarian Forts Farming - Shared by DustStorm
Aethelflaed Support Skill Tree -- Joan as secondary and mixed troops to support your other armies. Hannibal and Belisarius can be good secondaries for her as well. Shared by DustStorm
Æthelflæd Commander [Walk Through] Best For Free to Play | Rise of Kingdoms

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