Achievements are the new feature that was released in Rise of Kingdoms with the huge Lost Kingdom update.

It is pretty similar to the Monument but it is based on your own stats rather than the whole Kingdom’s stats (like Monument).

For every time you complete a task in any achievement section, you will receive a decent amount of Achievement Points. Gain Achievement Points to unlock various valuable rewards such as Legendary Commander Sculpture Dazzling Starlight SculptureGolden KeyGem

rise of kingdoms achievements

Rise of Kingdoms Achievements System

engineer achievement


Engineer Achievements are a testament to your outstanding contributions to the development of your city and your alliance.

overlord achievements


“Overlord” achievements commemorate your military strength and your success upholding peace throughout the kingdom.



Vanquisher achievements are a record of the valiance and honor you have shown on the battlefield.

adventurer achievement


Adventurer achievements symbolize your love of challenge and enthusiasm for exploration.

Adventurer Achievements


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